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Posted by: Lilith Delcroix - Faction: S.W.A.T. Industries

Date: Year 17 Day 141 Onboard the Veltraa-Class Cruiser LDS Before the Dawn in system Morobe (91, -1).

Moroa, Morobe quot; Thank you for joining us at this press release. We are happy to announce the rebranding of our former company, the Sienar Fleet Systems (SFS) shipwright into Special Weapons And Technologies (S.W.A.T.) Industries. This change in business strategy has been in development for the last couple of months and highly anticipated by various businesses based in the Morobe system. In the previous years SFS has significantly contributed to the development of the system and its planets alongside the governing mercenary company Permanent Solutions, which lead to a flourishing economy and an expanding populace. With this success, however, came the realization that the local authorities will struggle to guarantee protection for everyone in Morobe.

Swatgnsy17d141 1.png

Even the biggest galactic governments with a vast military force are unable to bring security to the galaxy which has been locked in the so-called “Second Galactic Civil War” for almost two decades and there are no signs of peace. In fact, what we can see from reading between the lines of Galactic News Service, is that the galaxy is on a brink of total war. Soon violent riots and combat encounters in the streets will be a common sight. Businesses which have been thriving on developed planets are likely to find themselves targeted by terrorists, “liberating” militaries and other violent criminals.

Aware of these glooming predictions, the governing body of Morobe decided to begin a campaign to raise the importance of corporate security and provide the means to local businesses to protect themselves. SFS company was selected to spearhead the campaign and subsequently was re-branded into S.W.A.T. Industries. Production was shifted from manufacturing vessels for commercial purposes to military equipment and soon S.W.A.T. warehouses were open to local business for trade.

Swatgnsy17d141 2.png
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To ensure success of the campaign S.W.A.T. works in partnership with Permanent Solutions (PS), who consult on gear development and field test it in combat situations. Pictured below: Admiral G. Dregoth, Commanding Officer of PS and Lord L. Delcroix, CEO of S.W.A.T. Industries.

Swatgnsy17d141 5.png