Fugitive caught

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Posted by Zorran Black on Year 5 Day 215

Onboard the Bulk Freighter Mosep Aboard at galactic position (-8, -78).

Zorran Black, looks up from his desk and looks directly into the camera as he begins to speak.

Earlier today in a military operation untaken by the Corporate Sector Authority, the fugitive Mosep Chitose was caught aboard a Bulk Freighter he had been stuck upon for some days.

CSA ground forces worked in conjunction with the CSA navy and took control of the ship, the operation led by High General Andy brooks was a success and Mosep Chitose gave him self up to the over whelming forces. Currently discussions are being held with the Rebel Alliance who Mosep was formerly a member of until he defected to the notorious pirate group Eidola with 3 RA fighters.

Zorran Black pauses for a moment then says "If there is a bounty and we find you be prepared for collection"