Galactic Alliance Appoints New Secretary-General

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Hacked by Jar-Tan Kem on Year 15 Day 11

Triumvirate Coalition Consul Jar-Tan Kem was today formally unveiled as the new Secretary-General of the Galactic Alliance, succeeding Phoenix Daywalker of Rogue Squadron who finalised his term last week. Consul Kem, one of the three co-leaders of the uniquely structured Coalition, is one of the longest serving representatives in the Galactic Alliance, and was unanimously elected by the voting members of the General Assembly.


Outgoing Secretary-General Daywalker introduced longtime friend and colleague Consul Kem to galactic media, after confirmation he would not stand for a second term.

"My friend, the reigns are being passed to a very worthy person. You're of sound mind and judgement, very good in the field of diplomacy, and are a great fit to help push the Alliance to new heights. I know that with you at the helm things in the Alliance will keep moving forward."

Speaking in acceptance, Consul Kem spoke with praise of his predecessor yet also looked to the future.

"I want publicly thank Mr. Daywalker for upholding the values and integrity of the Alliance, both behind closed doors and in the galactic arena, in what was a trying and public time for the role of Secretary-General.

"I am incredibly excited to be taking on this role. The Alliance is one of the bright sparks of this galaxy, one which billions look to for guidance and leadership every day. It is an honour to be bestowed this role, and a challenge I relish the thought of. As great as this Alliance is, it's potential is still unrealised. I go into my first term as Secretary-General looking to tap into that potential and make the entire galaxy a better place to live and work."

Consul Kem is the ninth individual to hold the title of Secretary-General, and the first from the Triumvirate Coalition. To assist Consul Kem in official duties Commander Wuma Uxal-Lumir of the Freedom Warriors was named into the newly formed position of Deputy Secretary-General, an initiative championed by Phoenix Daywalker during his term.