Gamma Assault Shuttle

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Gamma Assault Shuttle
Gamma Assault Shuttle.png
Navigational Stats
Hyperspeed 1.0
Sublight Speed 50 MGLT
Max Speed 500 km/h
Maneuverability 5.00
Sensors 8
Escape Pods CockpitPod.gif 2
Docking Bay DockingBay1.gif Yes
Hangar Bay n/a
Landing Capacity Landing.gif Yes
Flight Grade Repulsorlifts Repulsor.gif Yes
Graviton Generators n/a
Docking Port n/a
Medical Room n/a
Recycling n/a
Weapons/Utilities Tractor Beams: 1
Heavy Laser: 4
Cargo Stats
Weight 400 T
Volume 3,000 m³
Weight Capacity 10 T
Volume Capacity 118 m³
Max Passengers 45
Party Slot Size 4.00
Hull Statistics
Length 30 m
Hull 200
Shield 250
Ionic Capacity 75
Raw Materials
Raw Material Price 235,393 AurebeshSans-Serif credit.png
Quantum 59
Meleenium 607
Ardanium 61
Rudic 147
Rockivory 53
Tibannagas 22
Varmigio 41
Lommite 62
Durelium 14
Bacta n/a
Hibridium n/a
Varium n/a
Affiliation Galactic Empire

The Gamma-class Assault Shuttle was originally created to act as a shuttle for stormtroopers, and that remains as its major use today. The main compartment of the Gamma is designed to carry 40 stormtroopers comfortably while the rest are either piloting or in the cockpit for command purposes. Though it is equipped with a hyperspace drive, it is generally stationed aboard a larger capital ship so that deployment and recovery are much simpler. Not only is the ship good for land deployment, but it can also be used for a boarding vessel thanks to a docking claw and docking bay. The docking bay, though rarely used for storing vehicles or smaller starships, can be handy for jettisoning spacetroopers into space.

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