Garon Lennister

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Garon Lennister
Garon Lennisterav.png
Biographical Information
Race Bothan
Homeworld Kothlis
Born Year -10 Day 253
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.4 meters
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Orange
Political Information
Affiliation Kuat Drive Yards and Trade Federation
Rank HC-2
Positions Director of Naval Production

Garon Lennister is the proud leader of the Kuat Drive Yards.


Early Life

Sigil of Clan Ilya and Emblem of Garon Lennister

Garon Lennister grew up on Kothlis, a Bothan colony world, to the Lei'lya branch of Clan Ilya. Kothlis is a Bothan colony world located in the Kothlis system of the Bothan sector in the Mid Rim.

It is the fourth of seven planets in the system, and is orbited by three small moons. After his sheltered youth he was sent by his parents to a small satellite training moon of the Bothan Martial Academy for an apprenticeship. The Bothan Martial Academy is a Bothan military academy, presumably on Bothawui. Although often mocked, the academy produced many officers and soldiers during War to protect the Bothans' neutrality. Since he was from "second-rate" Kothlis instead of the affluent Bothan homeworld of Bothawui, Garon felt he had to push himself harder than others. There, he was instructed under a rather unorthodox Bothan teacher and developed unusual views of Bothan society. In particular, he held the view that Bothan society at its current form was less than perfect, and that they needed to change to better exist within the galaxy. After hearing that his parents were executed by the Galactic Empire after being charged for spying, although innocent, he lost his last bit of faith in the government.

The teenager Garon, formerly best in his class, barley managed to graduate on Year 8 Day 352. He took the next flight away and swore never to return until he had attained influence to change Bothan society. Though he was a member of Clan Ilya, he could not use the "i'lya" title until he had completed his goal.


Shortly after graduation he served in MandalMining, a Division of Mandalore where he first met his later boss and friend Torran Forano. Yet he found himself underutilized and bored so he decided to move on. Garon Lennister traveled the galaxy without rest, freelancing and taking small jobs for few credits. Among others he met the Wookie Dagur Amon, at this time a fresh recruit of Starsign Shipyards, with similar interests and views, the start of a long friendship.

Techno Union


Almost three years later at Year 11 Day 202 he found himself a new home and family in the Techno Union and Trade Federation.

Since he had little aptitude in economics and diplomacy, he turned to technology and art. Serving the Techno Union under System Manager Torran Forano, he fulfilled a wide range of different jobs, including construction, production and the loved prospecting.

This all-round knowledge led the way for him to earn a well deserved promotion to Ktil System Manager (Year 12 Day 152). Garon was tasked with the responsibility of the entire Ktil system, including several yard-groups, planets and thousands of employees. Garon was entrusted with the mission of maintaining and improving the production of high quality naval capitals.

Garon worked diligently in the Techno Union, the Department of Naval Production of the Trade Federation, later led by Dagur Amon. His continued dedication to the Ministry of Production, specifically in the Department of Naval Production, caught the eye of high command. On Year 13, Day 213, Dagur Amon, due to personal reason on his home planet, chose to retire as Director of Naval Production. His Deputy, Garon, was the natural choice to replace him as Director of Naval Production.

Kuat Drive Yards

On Year 13, Day 220, the Trade Federation, under the leadership of Viceroy Jacob Jansen, purchased Kuat Drive Yards, a shipwright firm, from its leader, Myn Kuat. This marked a substantial step forward in the Naval Production market for the Trade Federation. With it came a large number of ship datacards, bringing the Department of Naval Production into a more relevant marketplace, competing directly with the likes of the Galactic Empire and the New Republic.

Garon continues to lead Kuat Drive Yards forward with zeal and vigor. He continues to strive for excellence, ensuring that the Trade Federation remains a powerful force of trade in the galaxy.