Geno Sin`Xristos

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Geno Sin`Xristos
Biographical Information
Race Falleen
Homeworld Falleen
Spouse None
Children None
Born Over 100 years ago
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6'1"
Coloring Green skin, purple hair
Political Information
Affiliation Prince of Huruk-Rah
Falleen Federation
Prior Affiliation Eidola
Black Sun
New Imperial Order
Falleen Federation

A Falleen male, Geno Sin`Xristos began his career within the Falleen Federation, where he gradually obtained the rank of Lieutenant in the Mindano Assault Force. Geno expanded his military career with a short stint within the New Imperial Order, reaching the rank of Flight Officer in the New Imperial Navy before pursuing his personal business, Geno's Emporium. His company later fell through when Geno took leave to care for his sick parents, who died a short time later.

Geno took his parents' death pretty hard, becoming cynical of the galaxy. Geno had discovered that their death had been plotted. In a fit of rage, Geno chose to join Black Sun under the alias "Vereor Nex" to begin his plan of revenge. Geno moved through the ranks of the Black Watch fairly quickly before learning of a conspiracy of his own organization to have him killed. Geno marginally escaped with the help of a new friend, Syn. He then followed her to the Eidola Pirates to return the favour. It was here that Geno discovered his heritage, being the heir to the second royal line within the Falleen clan, Huruk-Rah.