Gida Freetaa

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Gida Freetaa
Gida Holocron 2.png
Biographical Information
Race Twi’lek
Homeworld Ryloth
Mother Alema Freetaa
Father Chee Freetaa
Born Year -4 Day 168
Died Year 20 Day 312
Quote Don’t be on the wrong side of my weapon
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 5’ 3” (1.6 meters)
Weight 125lbs (57kg)
Coloring Sky blue
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation Tresario Star Kingdom
Rank First Lieutenant
Prior Affiliation Tion Hegemony

Gida Freetaa is a slender sky blue Twi`lek that stands 5’ 3’’ (1.6m). She can usually be seen with some form of a weapon. Despite her slender look she can be tough and dangerous as she is protective of what she cares about and will not mind proving it.

Early Life on Ryloth

Gida Freetaa was born on Ryloth on year -4 day 168. She was born to mother Alema and father Chee. She lived a happy and safe life. Her parents being warriors got her interested in becoming one at a young age.

From a very young age Gida has always wanted to learn how to fight so at the age of 5 her parents started to teach he how to defend herself. At the age of 8 she was let to borrow a vibroblade to help train her in the ways of becoming a warrior like her parents.


Gida as a Slave

By the time Gida had turned 10 her parents had started to wonder if they could support themselves and their daughter Gida. This brought on the thought of selling Gida into slavery to help themselves financially. Gida would never forgive them for selling her as a slave.

She was sold to a hutt by the name of Attazz Fevall and was his slave. She did not really seemed to fit as she was only 10 when she was brought to him. This caused him to sell her to another hutt only after being with him for a year. This continued until she was 16 when she was bought by Bruppe Zib. She was an exotic dancer for the hutt, but by the time she was 18 she had grown tired of the lack of freedom. Remembering what her parents had tried to teach her she decided to kill the hutt and escape to get some freedom. Gida started gathering everything she thought she might need to kill Burppe secretly as to not arise any suspicion. After about a year Gida had everything and killed Burppe.

Killing Burppe did not get her the freedom she was hoping for because as she tried to escape she was captured and sold to another hutt by the name of Tranya Drish. Gida did not want to be a slave anymore so she decided to kill everyone and escape, so in secret so decided to kill everyone there so that she could get out. At the age of 20 about a year after attempting escape from slavery she manages to do it by killing everyone during the night that could stop her.

Tion Hegemony

Leaving Tranya’s place of residence Gida roams the city and manages to find something that would allow her to change out of her slave outfit. It was what most would call rags but to Gida it was better than her reviling slave outfit. Having a new outfit she wanted to get far away from this city however possible. Gida found how to get out of the city by seeking onboard a ship and taking it to where ever it was going.

When it landed at its next destination Gida decided to get off the ship and see if she could start a new life here. The starport told her that she was in the city of Meeshae on the planet Voss. This interested her so she decided to explore the city to see if she was able to find anyone that might be able to help her on her quest for a new life. While exploring the city she notices a female Hapan in her mid-20s with brunette hair with a long elegant dress, long enough that at first glance did not notice the fact that she was without shoes, coming out of the recruitment office. As Gida got closer she noticed her purple and gold force-pike and ornate sword and got nervous. She knew though that if she did not get to talk to her she might be wandering the streets for hours if not days without anything to do.

Gida walked over to the Hapan and asked her if she might be able to help her out in finding out if there was anything that she could do for the government as a Twi`lek warrior. She had said that she had something for Gida which was doing work with Tion’s 1st fleet in the military. Gida got herself a uniform and was on her way. Gida later learned that she just meet Stephanie Barefoot.

Gida joined the Tion military on Year 16, Day 329 and was tasked with moving stuff, checking for stuff and even got to get her hand dirty in some combat drills. After only being in the military for 4 months Gida was allowed to travel to Serroco. She had heard about a virus that was there, it was disrupting the local people and creatures causing them to become more violent. In the next couple of months Gida learned that there was a change of military leadership in 1st fleet because of her CO going missing. This gave Gida a new position in the fleet, XO of the fleet. She keep proving herself that when the fleet’s CO was given a higher position in the Tion military near the end of year 17 she was given the position to run the fleet and 30 days later a seat on Tion’s High Council just after the new year.

Tresario Star Kingdom

Gida and Selene walking in a city

After running the fleet for about a year and a few months Gida Felt that it was time for something new and left Tion and went on her own way. While exploring the galaxy she stumbled upon Aznat where she saw the ruling government as an interesting place to be a part of so on Year 19 Day 136 she joined up. Gida ended up joining the navy as she liked to fight but felt that being on her own as too big of a risk she was Twi’lek after all.

After only being there about a month and a half Gida met this Azanti named Selene Kahn. At first she was repulsed by as she did not care too much for the Azanti race but Selene worked her down and now she cares about her. She was not a normal Azanti and that was fine by Gida. Selene was not in her life long before the started to drift apart. She hoped that one day she would find that special someone.

In about her first year with Tresario Star Kingdom she managed to a lot for the government. She participated in Rovan6, an operation to control the populous of the planet Sinite and keep them in line with TSK the ruling government. Far Cry Tresario, an operation to lighten the amounts of hostile creatures on TSK planets, where she killed the most. Operation Shieldwall II, an operation where a bunch improved the shield status on a bunch of TSK planets. She even participated in operation Starfighter training where she got to fire some ship guns at some hostile ships, even if she was not good at it. She even got to have some more time on Serroco in that year. On Year 20 Day 204 Gida transfer from the TSK Navy to the TSK Army. On Year 20 Day 312 Gida wondered into a mine as it collapsed killing he instantly.