Gordarl Weaponsmiths

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Gordarl Weaponsmiths
Gordarl Weaponsmiths logo.png
General Information
Status Dissolved
Leader Arribacca Jawnik
Headquarters Mondress
Historical Information
Founded Year 16 Day 31
Dissolved Year 16 Day 65
Political Information
Industry Items


Gordarl Weaponsmiths is a weapons manufacturer an original dream by founder Ralph Maximus. The Gordarl Weaponsmiths future inventions will be based off of Geonosian technology. Including many different types of sonic weapons and melee weapons. The goal of Gordarl is to make these weapons available to all races in the galaxy at a very affordable price. The current Chief Magistrate is Arribacca Jawnik a Caamasi that hails from Camaas.

The headquarters of the Gordarl Weaponsmiths is currently located in Mondress, as well as a deep space factory location for providing quick delivery and production of all weapons available. Gordarl Weaponsmiths current clientele are mostly individuals or non-faction groups. The next step for The Gordarl Weaponsmiths is to make a good reputation for themselves and start doing business everywhere in the galaxy and to almost everyone with few exceptions. Services provided by the Gordarl Weaponsmiths are currently open to the public.


  • Gordarl Weaponsmiths banner.png (Year 16)