Grand Duchy of Froz

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Grand Duchy of Froz
General Information
Status Active
Leader Daehd Moroz
2IC Trorg Krogg
Historical Information
Founded Year 22 Day 222
Political Information
Industry Mercenaries

The Grand Duchy of Froz is ruled by the Quarrenoghri Duke Daehd Moroz. A mighty moon in the system of Froz, it overlooks the frontiers of the petty Galactic Empire, posing an everlasting threat to the Emperor's plans. The Quarrenoghri Duke regularly inspects his vast realm, protects his subjects, ensuring their safety and prosperity, but does not forget about personal profit.

The Grand Duke says the struggle for freedom from tyranny and oppression will be eternal, and you need a good ally, which the duke could be (for a fee). Though the tide of darkness rises across the galaxy, it shall not prevail while Quarrenoghri Duke and his realm exist. In the vast ocean of space, amidst the ever-changing currents of destiny, the Grand Duchy of Froz stands firm as one of the last bastions of freedom and hope in the galaxy.