Gree (Planet)

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Gree (Prime).png
System Gree
Sector Gree
Galactic Coordinates -20, 439
System Coordinates 10, 10
Astrographic Entry Gree planet
Type temperate/breathable
Primary Terrain: River, Desert, Grassland
Rotational Period 27 standard hours
Orbital Period 360 local days
Population 17,504,717
Controlled By Black Sun
Magistrate Vigo Kyran Caelius
This article is about the planet of Gree. For the Gree sector, see Gree (Sector)
This article is about the planet of Gree. For the Gree system, see Gree (System)

Gree is a temperate agricultural world located in the north east corner of the Gree sector.


Gree is the central and considered to be the main planet in the system. It is heavily fortified with defensive surface emplacements, protected by a network of interlinked shield generators, and surrounded by a number of defensive space stations.

Roughly half of Gree's surface is dominated by a massive river system carving a path through the continent of desert, grassland, and swampland. A vast majority of the population resides in the northern hemisphere, while the south is home to scientific research laboratories and industrial complexes such as mining facilities and manufacturing factories.

Planetary Images

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