Gree I

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Gree I
Gree I.png
System Gree
Sector Gree
Galactic Coordinates -20, 439
System Coordinates 12, 13
Astrographic Entry [1]
Type gas giant
Primary Terrain: gas giant
Rotational Period 13 standard hours
Orbital Period 6 local years
Population 797,882,835
Controlled By Gree Trade Authority
Governor Tomas o`Cuinn
Magistrate Cait Catra

Gree I is a gaseous world located in the north east corner of the Gree sector.


Gree I, a large gas giant, is home to an extensive mining operation that spans the planet’s entire gaseous surface via self-sufficient city platforms, each suspended approximately 50,000 kilometers above the surface. Producing the main export of the Gree Trade Authority, tibanna gas, the mining network is protected by a network of interlinked shield generators and defended by a dedicated fleet of capital-class and support starships in geosynchronous orbit.

Gree I has a solid core made of metal followed by an atmosphere made up primarily of hydrogen and helium along with some methane. The atmospheric gases are poisonous, the pressure and temperature far beyond what most sentient species can tolerate. Approximately 160 kilometers down from space, there is a habitable layer with an oxygen-rich atmosphere and suitable temperature and pressure for life to survive. This layer is where the existing cities and infrastructure exist to house Gree I's roughly 800,000,000 population, the majority being miners and their families employed by the local government, the Gree Enclave, to mine and produce tibanna gas via numerous mining operations.

Planetary Images

Gree I 2.png Gree I 3.png