Grok Stolar

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Grok Stolar
Stolar avi.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Jawa
Homeworld Tatooine
Mother unknown
Father unknown
Spouse none
Physical Description
Gender Male
Eye Color Red
Political Information
Affiliation Raging Banthas
Positions Sergeant at Arms of Raging Banthas


Grok stands just a few inches over most Jawa. This is mostly from the prosthetic limbs he and members of his clan designed and built for him after saving a small child from a Krayt dragon. In doing so Grok lost both his legs and one arm in the process. In the aftermath the clan didn't have the funds for official cyborg components so they made do with what they could scavenge; droid parts, ship parts, and even actuators off a speeder lift. They had the technology they could rebuild him taller stronger faster.... Grok was the 6 million credit Jawa.

Change of Life

After his recovery, Grok felt separated from his clan mates because of his differences, so when a Quarran trader offered to show him the galaxy and new technology he jumped at it and left Tatooine.

It turned out the trader was a con artist and when his con fell apart he left the Jawa alone in space to be arrested by those the trader had wronged. Grok was arrested by the mercenaries that were hunting the trader that did them both wrong.... he talked to his captors and eventually earned trust of the leader and was offered a job and a new clan to replace the one he left back on Tatooine.