Gyra Fallon

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Gyra Fallon was born on Year 17 Day 336 on the NR homeworld of Tatooine to a loving family. She grew up as a mostiure farmer until one day her family was killed by Tusken Raiders. Gyra Decided to try to leave the planet. Gyra managed to and left the planet.

Gyra Then signed up with quite a few factions over her time in space it allowed her to make a good amount of money to buy the things she needed

And she got her prize ship a Ardent on year 290 day 87

Name: Gyra Fallon, Age: 22 almost 23 Hair color: Black

Eye color: Red/Blue Gyra Has a eye condition where they turn red/blue at random times when she is mad and stressed. When shes calm and happy her eyes are blue or red.

Race: Oriental/Caucasian

Skin color :Pale