Heek Jikjawa

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Heek Jikjawa
Biographical Information
Race Jawa
Homeworld Tatooine
Mother Unnamed
Father Gundeek Jikjawa
Spouse Jrir Jikjawa, Sameeka (concubine)
Siblings Treek (brother)
Children Penchu (son), Magrik (son)
Born Approx. Year -25 Day 24
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.0 meters
Hair Color n/a
Eye Color Rumoured to be black
Political Information
Affiliation Sons of Tatoo
Positions Junk Dealer
Prior Affiliation Aurodium Legion , Hutt Cartel ,BlasTech Industries, Sons of Tatoo
Awards n/a

Heek Jikjawa is a trader based out of a secret location. He is currently a council member within the Hutt Cartel and former founder of Sons of Tatoo.

Early life

Born on Tatooine on Year -25 Day 24, Heek Jikjawa was the second of two children born to Gundeek Jikjawa and his wife, an unnamed Jawa. Heek lived the life of a nomadic clan, his childhood home consisted of living aboard a convoy of Sandcrawlers that scoured the wastelands of Tatooine. The Jikjawa clan's main activities included salvaging droids, vehicles and weaponry left behind after the various conflicts that seemed to plague the planet over generations, most notably: the Rakatan Infinite Empires orbital bombardment of the planet, the great Terentatek cleanse by the Jedi, Czerka Corporation's battles with the Tusken Raiders, and of course the Cold War between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic.

The Ayafa would gather what was salvageable, make necessary repairs or improvements and sell primarily to moisture farmers in the outlands. Annually, the clan would partake in the journey to the Jawa swap meet. Tales of the goings on at these swap meets could be heard in starports across the galaxy.

Heek was a rather adept trader, some would say surpassing even his father in the vocation. It was his willingness to expand beyond the clan's traditional sales techniques of mobile sales, and take the merchandise into the starports directly to the spacers found there that provided him with the opportunity to stand out among his peers. It was in the cantinas of Mos Eisley that Heek's desire for things greater than the Swap Meet materialized. It was only Heek's dedication to his clan that kept him on Tatooine.

Leaving Tatooine

In the tail end of year 9, events transpired that would change Heek's life forever. On the trail to the Great Swap Meet, the Jikjawa convoy was ambushed by Tusken Raiders in the Jundland Wastes region of Tatooine. It was here that the Jawa's livelihood was taken from him: his Crawler, his droids, and his merchandise. Heek escaped with his life, and that of his family, but everything else lay in shambles in the twisting ravines.

Working for his older brother Treek, Heek would frequent the starports more often, aggressively rebuilding his inventory and regaining his jawahood. It was an interaction in a cantina dubbed `The Mark Cafe` in Anchorhead that helped propel Heek to the stars. After being on the positive side of a horrible deal, Heek was alerted to an employment opportunity by a known criminal organization, The Hutt Cartel. After great deliberation with his father and brother, Heek made the choice to move off world and earn his place in the galaxy. He booked a transport and left the scorching sands of Tatooine behind him.

The Hutt Cartel

Joining the Cartel gave Heek an opportunity to explore a darker, more complex side of his psyche. Gone were the restrictive bindings of right and wrong, liberated with the freedom of a moral grey area. Tasked with minor and mundane jobs, Heek learned the ins-and-outs of galactic life,quickly earning the curious eye of the Cartel brass. His ability to adapt and excel earned him a chance to further prove his mettle. After months of diligence and hard work, Jikjawa earned the trust and respect of this villainous bunch. Wanting to utilize his prowess, Heek was transferred to the mother corporation...The Aurodium Legion.

HC throne room.png

The Aurodium Legion

The Legion, or A.L., wasn't exactly what Heek had in mind when he left the barren wastelands of Tatooine. The rag tag group of mercenaries, led by the Barabel Dorn Zeke, worked diligently towards strengthening its place within the galactic political spectrum; and as such veered from its roots as a mercenary group and focused on income generation to fund its political and power ambitions. This left Heek with the unenviable task of hauling raw materials from factory to factory. The long hyper lanes gave the Jawa more than enough time to question his choices. It also provided Heek with ample time to develop his ultimate plan... to become one of the premier traders in the galaxy.

Back to old habits

To pass the time while in hyper travel Heek created a small virtual shop that bought and sold merchandise on holo-boards throughout the galaxy. The enterprise quickly grew in popularity. Jikjawa's skill in commerce allowed him to amass a respectable inventory, including droids, vehicles, small fighters and weaponry. Galactic scoundrel Jax Starblade was among the first of his loyal customers, and remained so for quite some time. It was a relationship that would prove to be beneficial in the Jawa's future.

As Heek's personal venture took more and more of his time, his active time working for the Legion decreased. Ultimately, Heek decided it was best to relinquish his position within the organization and branch out on his own. This move wasn't looked on favourably by the A.L. and would provide tensions between the two entities for years to come.

The JTE and Tragedy

As a freelancer, Heek Jikjawa sought out the next logical step, opening his own store. With his meagre earnings, Heek opened a small mobile trading centre called Jikjawa Trader's Emporium. The JTE was an instant success within the galactic community, selling out his entire inventory on his opening day. Heek gained a reputation as a shrewd, yet fair negotiator. As his reputation grew, so did the watchful eyes of the community. Heek developed business relationships with many organizations, governments, and freelance traders. Two such traders were Vasar Xanthe and Dulgan Swift. A Cooperative was born between the three, each providing their own expertise and input into the endeavour. The partnership developed into a rather profitable venture for all involved. As business took off, so did the need for the JTE to grow as an organization. Heek called upon an old friend Cryspin Nailo from back in his A.L. days. Crispy, left the Legion and joined Heek and the JTE.

Just as the JTE and the Cooperative began to really take off, Heek was dealt a staggering blow. Vasar Xanthe, one of his closest friends, had chosen to end his life by sunning. The news was devastating to the Jawa. Vasar's last Will and Testament bequeathed all his belongings to Heek Jikjawa. Then, before Heek even had a chance to fully comprehend what had happened, within a week of the loss of Vasar, Dulgan Swift, too, chose to end his life, also by sunning. Once again, Heek Jikjawa was the recipient of all of his dear friend's belongings. A recovery mission was constructed to retrieve the charred remains of his fallen comrades. Alexander von Ismay was actually first to claim the body of Dulgan Swift, whom he had a score to settle from a prior business dealing gone bad. After negotiations, Lex agreed to release the body to Heek Jikjawa, and it was entombed in a crypt on Skeebo III. Xanthe's body was never discovered.

Swifty crypt.png

The Birth of Sons of Tatoo

It wasn't long after the deaths of his business partners that suspicions arose as to the role that Heek Jikjawa may have played in tragic circumstances. Heek was arrested and charged with the unlawful death of sentient beings.

Heek arrest.png

After a lengthy investigation into the suspect circumstances surrounding the deaths of his business partners, there wasn't enough evidence to convict Heek of any crime and he was released.

With a new found infusion of capital, assets and clients, it was time once again for the Jikjawa Traders Emporium to expand. After months of preparations, training and production, Heek launched his new venture... The Sons of Tatoo. SoT, as it was known in underground circles, was a smuggling outfit located in the outer rim sector of Shadola. Crispy was appointed Second-in-Command. Business grew, as did the organization. With over 25 active smugglers, SoT assumed control over the Ryll trade with his patented chemistry, Spiral Galaxy, and made a huge impact in the galaxy's arms race. SoT's 'Blue Tag Event' mega-sales proved very popular within the galaxy and kept everyone within the organization very rich, and very busy.

As SoT's success grew, so did their enemies. While new recruits went through a vigorous vetting process, it was all but impossible to keep every element that would see harm to Heek Jikjawa out of the organization. Spies and saboteurs were fleshed out on an almost weekly basis, many planted there by seemingly friendly acquaintances. As SoT grew, so did Heek's paranoia, so much so that it was decided to bring in a security professional. An old friend was approached, Jax Starblade, to head up the security and intel division of SoT. In Starblade's first week, seven spies were uncovered and summarily executed.

As word of Sot's capabilities spread throughout the galaxy, the pedigree of clientèle also changed. Top Government officials could be seen entering Heek's establishments alongside some of the most villainous criminals throughout the galaxy. It wasn't uncommon to see members of Eidola sitting alongside of Black Sun, or even scum like Shuji Shizuka jawing with Galactic Alliance security personnel. Heek Jikjawa had become a trusted name in underground dealings, and attracted rather substantial contracts. When you needed something, Heek was the Jawa you went to.

In the early part of Year 13 Jikjawa was approached by Dane Star, a former associate of Dulgan Swift, to save his company from ruin after a looting by the renown criminal organization Black Sun left them devastated. Mismanagement and Swift's death proved too much for Star, and Heek Jikjawa bought BlasTech Industries at a rock bottom price. Jax Starblade was appointed CEO of BTI and turned the company back into a major player in arms sales.

After more than a year of juggling delivery coordination, production, sales, AWOL pilots and being stuck in offices and meetings, Heek Jikjawa grew tired of the grind and sought a simpler lifestyle. BlasTech Industries was handed over to Starblade, and eventually Jikjawa dissolved the Sons of Tatoo Heek took refuge to the stars and travelled the galaxy.

A Return to the Cartel

Upon returning from his sabbatical, Heek found himself back where he began his adventures in the galaxy, the Hutt Cartel. The Cartel had gone through many changes since his time last, gaining freedom from under the Aurodium Legion's rule. Lead by Qaun Wain, the criminal syndicate had taken on a more aggressive role in asserting its power throughout the underground. Jikjawa's return only bolstered that resolve. Appointed to the inner council, Heek assumed the role of recruitment and training, handing out quick and harsh penalties for incompetence and insubordination.

The outbreak of the Metamorphasis Plague on Derra IV, and the resulting societal breakdown that occurred there provided Heek Jikjawa and the Hutt Cartel an excellent source of income. Heek set out with a convoy to the planet and sold weapons to opposing forces that were attempting to gain control of the population. The operation resulted in a grand influx of credits for the HC and cemented Heek's place within the Inner Council

Heek is currently in the process of helping to restructure the Cartel's business contacts, as well as training and recruitment efforts.

Fall From Power

No longer the power broker he once was Heek was spotted at the Ninth Uli Swap Meet on Champala near the Blackskull Trading booth.

Conflicts of Note

Year 10 Day 305 - Survived ambush by Tusken Raiders on Tatooine.

Year 12 Day 101 to 115 - Survived assassination attempt by unknown assailant(s) [Presumably by low-ranking members of the terrorist group Black Stars]

Year 13 Day 223 - Ambushed by bandits on Derra IV, Heek and his crew swiftly dispatched the attackers. However the entire squadron suffered major casualties when a roaming Rancor attacked the party in the aftermath of the skirmish. Heek escaped with his life, but lost nine of his comrades in the slaughter.

Operations of Note

Operation: Sandbox

Operation: Dewback

  • Flagship

The Snaggle Tooth

The Snaggle Tooth is an unmodified, customized YV-666 corvette class ship, that has been retrofitted with a prison cargo-hold. It serves as the Jikjawa Flagship containing a contingent of gear, light freighters, small fighters, and personnel.

img n/a

  • Weapons and Gear

Heek cycles between three primary weapons: A bowcaster, a flamethrower, and an A280

  • Criminal Record

With each sector within the galaxy governed by it's own set of laws, it is difficult to determine exactly which laws Jikjawa may or may not have broken. To date however, no arrests against Jikjawa have ever resulted in formal charges being laid.

Investigations have been conducted towards Heek Jikjawa for the following offences:

Murder; Conspiracy to commit murder; Racketeering; Profiteering; Bribery of Government Officials; Violation of the Sullustan Good Neighbour Act; Violation of the Galactic Criminals Act; Associations with known criminal organizations; Participation in illicit trade; Rigged and fraudulent gaming facilities