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"Souls United by Blood."

House Kaine is a Human family of Hapan origin, most well known for its role in modern Imperial history, the creation of the Reansucru faith, and its present allegiance to Black Sun. The family's reputation began with the militaristic success of Augustus Kaine, and spread to the general financial prosperity of his heirs. With the emergence of the Second Galactic Civil War, the family suffered a temporary fall in influence before regaining their reputation via the current generation.

Members of House Kaine serve as leaders in many companies and institutions, most of which are non-neutral in the war. Contemporary descendants include retired Lord Protector of Holowan, Gabriel Kaine and retired Black Sun Vigo, Kyran Caelius. Those directly involved in the day-to-day administration of House Kaine are Kristijan Caelius and daughter of the former leader, Natasha Kaine. Though decisions are ultimately made by Archon Caelius, any House inquiries are handled by the family advisors. It is unknown what roles are played by other House members. Historically xenophobic, the House's human speciest beliefs have tempered greatly under Archon Kyran Caelius. Full article...

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