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Siejo Kutol is a prominent representative of the Nautolan species, known for logistics and construction work. His current positions include Chief Magistrate of the Corporate Alliance, leader of Haven Recycling Corporation and Overlord of the Nautolan Society. Brown/green-skinned and with large dark black eyes, he can usually be seen wearing his leather pilot jacket and tight fitting green pants, or the traditional Society Overlord Garb. While his favorite beverage, fresh brewed Sallichean tea, has no stimulate effect in humans, Sallichean tea has a significant effect on the Nautolan body, creating an “ecstasy” feeling that cant be beat by normal stimulate beverages.

Siejo was born on Year –12, Day 110. It was a cold murky morning in the Underwater Nautolan Capital. His father was away at work, but his mother was there, safeguarding her eggs from predators. Siejo was the first to break through the shell, crying out in surprise when he finally saw the first light of life. None of the other eggs hatched that day, but a few days later, other eggs hatched, releasing Siejo’s siblings into the world. (more...)

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