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The Avance Coalition is a neutral, independent government, spanning across several sectors in the south-western quadrant of the galaxy. Founded with the objective of being a peaceful retreat from the galactic civil war Avance is a somewhat introverted government.

Neutrality plays a big role in the Avance Coalition. With its territories far from the galactic civil war, and the security forces mandated solely with protection. The Coalition is the ideal place to seek asylum from the war, regardless of former sides, or to set up a thriving business, like many have done in the past. Avance corporations, under the 'TAC' banner, are known and respected throughout the galaxy, be it Rendili StarDrive for its Dreadnaught warships, or Alpha Medical Corps for quality medical service.

Citizens of the Avance Coalition are invited to participate in many of the Coalitions different councils, serve in the Avance Security Forces, or become an Avance noble(wo)man, by joining a Noble House. Or, if one feels up to it, do all of those things; monthly salaries usually reflect an individuals activity in all activities mentioned above. (more...)

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