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The Trade Federation is one of the galaxy's largest governments, with over 200 billion citizens. The Federation, which initially gained galactic prominence as a monopolistic trading empire, was rebuilt on the foundations of honor, integrity and profit. It has always maintained those foundations, striving to hold its members to the lofty goals that come with such a motto.

Although dominated for most of its early history by Neimoidians, the Trade Federation now welcomes recuruits from all races and walks of life. The Federation is one of the most talented and diverse organizations in the galaxy, and those qualities are reflected in its high profits and high salaries. The Federation has a long history of technological acheivment, and is fully committed to innovation and technological progress and implementation of new ideas. In addition to this, the Federation is still steeped in its commercial roots, delivering basic and luxury goods to billions of clients galaxy-wide and generating prosperity for its citizens on dozens of planets. (more...)

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