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Gorn Veynom is a former Imperial Grand Admiral and contender for the throne of the Galactic Empire, and once spiritual leader and titular Emperor of the Imperial Core.

The career of Gorn Veynom in the Empire is closely linked to the European Division, which was created by Colonel Rahvin. Veynom soon became the leader of the naval division, the famous 3rd Recon and Strike Fleet (later 2nd Imperial Fleet). During this time, Veynom became concerned about the policy of rapprochement under Emperor Spytek; a policy which he felt would only weaken the Empire.

When Spytek stepped down as Emperor, Veynom contended for the Imperial throne. Very soon another contender stepped into the ring: Trey Connel, who was CO of the Imperial Army back then. As it was easy to see that a prolonged civil war would harm the Empire, Grand Admiral Piett decided to use his superior military strength to end the war before it began. (more...)

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