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CGT 12:90-96

Imperial Logo.png

The Galactic Empire, also known as the New Order, is the successor of the Galactic Republic and arguably the legitimate government of the galaxy, currently concentrated around the Core regions and the Corporate Sector. It is recognised as one of the most militarily capable and economically dominant governments of the galaxy. It is an absolute non-hereditary monarchy, ruled by the Emperor with the support of his advisors. The Executor serves as second-in-command of the Empire and heir apparent of the Emperor, acting on behalf of the Emperor when the latter is absent or incapacitated. The Executor serves directly under the Emperor and is considered part of the Throne.

The early history of the Galactic Empire, while relatively recent on a galactic scale, is largely undocumented. As the fortunes of individuals and groups have changed in the Empire, and Emperors themselves risen and fallen, historical documents have been altered, misplaced or outright destroyed. Much of what remains is lacking, and has been pieced together with what remnants, poorly sourced and often blatantly propagandic, remain from those years. (more...)

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CGT 12:97-103

Veynom avatar.gif

Gorn Veynom is a former Imperial Grand Admiral and contender for the throne of the Galactic Empire, and once spiritual leader and titular Emperor of the Imperial Core.

The career of Gorn Veynom in the Empire is closely linked to the European Division, which was created by Colonel Rahvin. Veynom soon became the leader of the naval division, the famous 3rd Recon and Strike Fleet (later 2nd Imperial Fleet). During this time, Veynom became concerned about the policy of rapprochement under Emperor Spytek; a policy which he felt would only weaken the Empire.

When Spytek stepped down as Emperor, Veynom contended for the Imperial throne. Very soon another contender stepped into the ring: Trey Connel, who was CO of the Imperial Army back then. As it was easy to see that a prolonged civil war would harm the Empire, Grand Admiral Piett decided to use his superior military strength to end the war before it began. (more...)

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CGT 12:104-110

Siejo Kutol.png

Siejo Kutol is a prominent representative of the Nautolan species, known for logistics and construction work. His current positions include Chief Magistrate of the Corporate Alliance, leader of Haven Recycling Corporation and Overlord of the Nautolan Society. Brown/green-skinned and with large dark black eyes, he can usually be seen wearing his leather pilot jacket and tight fitting green pants, or the traditional Society Overlord Garb. While his favorite beverage, fresh brewed Sallichean tea, has no stimulate effect in humans, Sallichean tea has a significant effect on the Nautolan body, creating an “ecstasy” feeling that cant be beat by normal stimulate beverages.

Siejo was born on Year –12, Day 110. It was a cold murky morning in the Underwater Nautolan Capital. His father was away at work, but his mother was there, safeguarding her eggs from predators. Siejo was the first to break through the shell, crying out in surprise when he finally saw the first light of life. None of the other eggs hatched that day, but a few days later, other eggs hatched, releasing Siejo’s siblings into the world. (more...)

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CGT 12:111-117

Avancelogo Holocron.png

The Avance Coalition is a neutral, independent government, spanning across several sectors in the south-western quadrant of the galaxy. Founded with the objective of being a peaceful retreat from the galactic civil war Avance is a somewhat introverted government.

Neutrality plays a big role in the Avance Coalition. With its territories far from the galactic civil war, and the security forces mandated solely with protection. The Coalition is the ideal place to seek asylum from the war, regardless of former sides, or to set up a thriving business, like many have done in the past. Avance corporations, under the 'TAC' banner, are known and respected throughout the galaxy, be it Rendili StarDrive for its Dreadnaught warships, or Alpha Medical Corps for quality medical service.

Citizens of the Avance Coalition are invited to participate in many of the Coalitions different councils, serve in the Avance Security Forces, or become an Avance noble(wo)man, by joining a Noble House. Or, if one feels up to it, do all of those things; monthly salaries usually reflect an individuals activity in all activities mentioned above. (more...)

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CGT 12:118-124


The Trade Federation is one of the galaxy's largest governments, with over 200 billion citizens. The Federation, which initially gained galactic prominence as a monopolistic trading empire, was rebuilt on the foundations of honor, integrity and profit. It has always maintained those foundations, striving to hold its members to the lofty goals that come with such a motto.

Although dominated for most of its early history by Neimoidians, the Trade Federation now welcomes recuruits from all races and walks of life. The Federation is one of the most talented and diverse organizations in the galaxy, and those qualities are reflected in its high profits and high salaries. The Federation has a long history of technological acheivment, and is fully committed to innovation and technological progress and implementation of new ideas. In addition to this, the Federation is still steeped in its commercial roots, delivering basic and luxury goods to billions of clients galaxy-wide and generating prosperity for its citizens on dozens of planets. (more...)

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CGT 12:125-131

The Battle of Meridian (known as the Meridian Campaign or Krazny Oktobyr by Imperials) was the expulsion of Renegade Inc forces from the Meridian sector by the Galactic Empire.

Mid Year 9, Imperial Executor Arturus Goth was approached by Aay Zavos, a commander of Renegade Inc. Zavos claimed to represent a number of Renegade personnel who had grown weary of leader Roy Starkiller's supposed lack of communication or direction. Zavos proposed to Goth that he plant transmitters on Renegade planets and outposts then unknown to the Empire, revealing their location and thus their development to the Empire. Goth directed Moff Orphaea Imperium to coordinate this project.

The preparatory stage lasted several months, during which Imperium and Zavos made detailed observations of Renegade locations and patrol routes. In order for any invasion to succeed, Navy forces would have to infiltrate the sector and the planets within without attracting attention from Renegade forces, requiring them to arrive at precise locations at specific times. (more...)

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