Honet Jilson

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Honet Jilson
Biographical Information
Race Alderaanian
Homeworld Alderaan
Mother Rose Malfrit
Father Hector Jilson
Born Year -12 Day 218
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.81 meters
Coloring Black
Eye Color Dark
Political Information
Affiliation New Republic Star Fighter Command
Rank Flight Officer
Awards Promisingrec 30.png promising recruit award (Y12 D184)

Honet Jilson is a young Alderaanian fighter pilot in the New Republic Starfighter Command (SFC).

Early life

Alderaan planet.png Born in year-12 on planet Alderaan, Honet Jilson lived through a quiet childhood.

One day imperial troops on their way to some distant conflict, stopped in the town where he was living. His father tried to stop one particular trooper from raping his wife, Honet's mother. The trooper was killed in the short fight with Honet's father, which sealed the familie's destiny. The father tried to flee, but was soon tracked down by the soldiers, and executed publicly, as a warning to anyone who dared resit the Empire's might. From that moment , Honet swore to his broken mother, that he would join the rebels of the New Republic, and avenge their loss.

Life in the New Republic


After haven bid farewell to his mother, Honet set off to Rodia, the New Republic headquarters. Upon his arrival on Rodia, in the middle of year 12, Honet joined the New republic Academy, where he learned a about the Galaxy, and it's dangers. After having completed the general courses, he decided to join the starfighter branch of the New Republic Military. A week or so later, the cadet only had the last pratical assignement to complete before he could start his new career. However, upon arriving to the system were he had to complete the task, his scanners detected several imperial units operating close by. While cautiously remaining out of range, Honet reported to his superiors the Imperial fleet, which alowed the New republic to respond quickly to the treat.

Year 12 Day 242 - Promoted to Flight officer