Ildris Elgar

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He grew up in Cardoune, the old Corellian city, home of Trilon Incorporated Shipbuilders, far from neither Imperial Citadel 107 and Emperor City. His parents are his mother Magali Elgar, and father Dorovan Elgar, who were a diplomat, and ship designer, respectively.

Early life:

                      Gifted child            - Irritant to bullies and snobs
                      Quick and tough         - Irritant to snobs


                       Projects               - Computing
                                              - Ship design
                       Martial arts           - discipline
                       Sharpshooting          - award for excellence
                       Student groups         - Science & technology
                                              - Galactic politics

Young adulthood:

                       CorSec Junior Pilots League
                       Volunteer search and rescue team


                       Construction for Veritas Press under Orion Jenru
                       Field operations