Inaugural Address of Emperor Spytek

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Address to the members of the Galactic Empire by Emperor Spytek

From: Spytek [mail address edited]
Subject: [swsim-empire] Emperor's Address
Date: Y -1 Y D 271

~The Holovid turns itself on and comes to life. Though dusty, you can still see the image of Emperor Spytek. He sits in his all-too-familiar office, with the now defunct, yet still impressive seals of the Supreme Commander of the Imperial Army; Minister Of Defense; and Chief Of Imperial Operations. The latest addition is the Seal Of The Emperor Of The Galactic Empire, shining brightly under a spotlamp.~

Imperial citizens:

As you know, I have been given command of our Empire. With my reign comes a new dawn in the Galactic Empire. I have been, and continue to restructure the functions of each Imperial office. I have named new directors and commanding officers, and have helped those commanders focus on their responsibilities to the Empire, to Me, and to all of you.

After careful review of our military command structure, I have determined that we are not currently "top heavy", but any further promotions to Admiral or General would mean we have an Empire full of people trying to run the show. Therefore, NO PROMOTIONS TO THE RANK OF COMMODORE OR HIGHER, OR BRIGADIER GENERAL OR HIGHER will be allowed without my approval. So don't bother harassing the commanding officers for promotions to the upper levels, because I will decide that issue.

I would like to take this opportunity to review our high command staff for you.

Emperor Spytek Commander In Chief you will not get a reply to your email unless I feel a need to reply

Minister Dyvel
Minister of Protocol
[mail address edited]

General Of The Army Trey Connel
Commanding Officer--Imperial Army
[mail address edited]

Major General Lord
Executive Officer--Imperial Army
[mail address edited]

Fleet Admiral Piett
Commanding Officer--Imperial Navy
[mail address edited]

Vice-Admiral Virgil
Executive Officer--Imperial Navy
[mail address edited]

General Balseraph
Commanding Officer--Emperor's Royal Guard
[mail address edited]

Brigadier General Triton
Commanding Officer--Imperial Special Forces
[mail address edited]

These people are my high command staff. They have been granted great latitude in the composition, organization, and supervision of their respective branches. They are worthy of tremendous respect.

I have also named the following section Directors:

Colonel Cob Swan
Director--Imperial Training and Assignments
[mail address edited]

Brigadier General Exen Hull
Director--Covert Operations
[mail address edited]

Mr. Pangborn
Director--Research and Development
[mail address edited]

Captain PtJedi
Director--Imperial News Grid
[mail address edited]

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome General Hull. The General joins us from a highly secret mission that has lasted quite some time. Though many of you may recognize that medallion on his uniform as being a Rebellion Service Award, you should realize that I have allowed him to display it as a symbol to his prior service. He has also been awarded the Imperial Meritorious Service Award.

Our weapons and ship supply should be well stocked when the sim comes back online, and I am fully committed to acquiring new and improved technology through our Research and Development Office.

Colonel Swan has assured me that the assignment procedure for newcomers should be streamlined and ready soon.

Finally, many of you are aware that I am open to suggestions and comments. However, I do require (as you should all know by now) a certain amount of etiquette. The standing orders on those issues are as follows:

When speaking with commanding officers, you will address them as such.

The merit/demerit policy presented to me has been tentatively approved. High Command Staff should work together and present me with a final system for approval. Remember, this IS the Empire, not a picnic.

Suggestions and comments should be sent to your commanding officer who will, at their discretion, forward it to me. This way, I can see who the original author is and who the commanding officer is. If you choose to send me a comment or suggestion, you do so at your own risk. Do not expect a reply unless I feel the need to reply.



Emperor Spytek
Commander In Chief
Galactic Empire