Iron Skin Shipyards

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Iron Skin Shipyards was founded on Year 12 Day 104 by a small number of like-minded individuals with the intent to provide quality ships at reasonable prices to anyone in need of a ship, regardless of their associations. Founded on the principles of Mandalorian culture, the leaders work to make the members feel like members of a family, whether they are in a Mandalorian clan or not.

Command Structure

While the organization itself is run in the traditional style with a leader and second in command, the structure is a bit more complex than that. A third in command is also placed to assist during any of the leadership's leaves of absence and decisions are made by Council, rather than the leader making blanket decisions on everyone's behalf. This is done to make sure that all members benefit from the decisions made.

Membership Information

Due to the command structure, members are given competitive pay with plenty of room for advancement. In addition, they are given benefits and bonuses based on their level of activity, as is only fair to all members. Lack of work or activity leads to lack salary as anyone not willing to pull their weight for the benefit of their fellow employees should be willing to free up those extra funds to make sure that those of their co-workers who are doing their share of the work are duly compensated for the effort they put in. Additional benefits and bonuses can range from credits to items, and even to ships produced by the company.

Galactic Diplomacy

In order to strengthen ties with their members and allies, Iron Skin Shipyards, or ISS, is willing to offer deals on use of facilities and stations in return for the amount of work put in by its members. ISS is also willing to hire freelance sentients on a job by job basis, if anyone is looking for some quick credits, but all assignments handed out to freelance sentients are only available once all active members have been assigned.