Jack Niels

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Jack Niels
JackNiels avatar.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse Unknown
Siblings Unknown
Children none
Born Unknown
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.72 meters
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation Unknown
Positions Deputy Chief of Starfighter Command - New Republic
Prior Affiliation Rebel Alliance, New Republic, Rogue Squadron
Awards Meritious Service Medal - New Republic, Meritious Unit Medal - New Republic- twice, Republic Service Medal - New Republic, Good Conduct Award - New Republic, Republic Readiness Award - New Republic, Stratacator Campaign Ribbon - New Republic, Operation Forging Freedom Ribbon - New Republic, Joint Operation Ribbon - New Republic

Jack Niels was a male Corellian. During the course of his adventures he was affiliated with the Rebel Alliance and subsequently the New Republic. Around Year 12 Jack was a part of the Rogue Squadron.


Around Year 7, bored with his Corellian life of poverty, Jack set out to acquire fame and fortune, and have lots of fun and adventures while doing so. After wandering around some of Corellias major star ports, with no other means of leaving his homeland, Jack decided to hook up with the Rebel Alliance. He graduated the Academy and took the role of pilot in the SFC.

At first he didn't think much of the Rebels, but after spending some time with them, he was shocked to discover the dedication with which these people fought for the well being of others. Niels decided to take up a more active role in the Alliance. Times have changed and so did the Rebel Alliance, merging with the SoroSuub Corporation it transformed into the New Republic thus gaining the upper hand in the ongoing galactic civil war. Jack continued to serve this new major power. In the rank of Lieutenant he led his pilots through some of the most significant operations against the Empire and The 12 Colonies. Pushing its resources to the limit the Republic managed to defeat the latter - the surviving TTC members fled the onslaught and established the Chiss Ascendancy. Jack, recognized for the valor with which he has fought was promoted to Commander and appointed to some very responsible duties.

Jack continued pursuing his career within the New Republic military. He was appointed Centurion Wing CO and military advisor for the Republic Diplomacy Command. Shortly after the Adam-IRV crisis, which became a black mark on the Republic’s history, he received a quick series of promotions, becoming SFC Marshal and the second in command within the Starfighter Command.

His new responsibilities combined with constant ongoing conflicts with other high ranking members of the military soon overwhelmed Jack. The Corellian realized that the ideals which he thought he was fighting for somehow disappeared. He saw corruption, over ambition, greed and most importantly, no honor. After a long internal struggle, Jack decided to retire from his positions within the Republic and focus on himself for some time.