Jack Starways

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Jack Starways
JackStarways Avatar small.png
Biographical Information
Race Alderaanian
Homeworld Alderaan
Mother Andria Starways (Deceased)
Father Jayden Starways
Spouse None
Siblings Unknown
Born Year -5 Day 54
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.82 meters (182 centimeters)
Coloring Light
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Mecrosa
Positions Deputy Director

Jack Starways is a male Alderaanian and son to Andria Starways (deceased) and Jayden Starways. He is a Deputy Director in the Mecrotica Conglomerate and the Director of the Starways Corporation.


Early Childhood

Jack Starways was born in the early hours of the morning on Day 54 of Year -5 in orbit over Alderaan. Delivered in the makeshift medical bay of his family’s Empress-Class Super Freighter, {SC} The Starways Profiteer, Jack has spent the majority of his life off-planet. He learned the tricks of negotiation and business at his parents’ side and hyperlane navigation from the crew’s shadow as he grew.
As the sole heir to the Starways Corporation, Jack never knew any other life. Despite the lack of other children aboard the Profiteer and the various other ships of his parents’ trading fleet, Jack was not a lonely child. The crew loved playing with him during their off hours, and his mother Andria always had time for her only child. However, unfortunately at the age of five, there was a scavenger raid on a remote trading station that the Profiteer had been docked at. The attack was brazen, and dozens of civilians lost their lives in the assault - including Jack’s mother and five other members of the Profiteer’s crew.
Jack and his father, Jayden, survived the attack relatively unscathed, but neither of them ever forgot the incident. Jayden Starways, now sole Director of the Starways Corporation, became incredibly overprotective of his only son. After his mother’s death, the boy was rarely allowed out of his father’s sight. He flourished under his father’s tutelage and took to trade and business like a fish to the water after witnessing the company’s trade negotiations in person for years. However, the older he grew, the more suffocated he felt by his father’s hovering paranoia.

Mercenary Incursions

At the age of eighteen, Jack got into an explosive argument with his father regarding the young teenager’s lack of freedom. The argument ended with Jack yelling at his father, “Just because mother died doesn’t mean I don’t deserve to live my own life!” before the teenager took off.
Impulsively, the teenager stole a VCX-series Auxiliary Fighter, at the time named {SC} The Honored but renamed to The Escapade by Jack and took off towards the nearby Phu sector - wanting a home and a life amongst kids his own age and beyond the narrow grey halls of the Profiteer. However, before he arrived in range of the planet Candoria, Jack’s starship was immobilised by a small pirate gang looking to get a quick haul.
Luckily, a Mecrotica Conglomerate patrol spotted the incursion and quickly intercepted the gang before any more damage could be done to Jack and his fighter. When Jack saw the experienced tactics and close teamwork between the Mecrotican pilots, he quickly realised this was what he was actually looking for. He quickly applied for a position as a pilot in the Conglomerate. At first, the young adult struggled with quick manoeuvring and keeping his ship stable at high speeds, as he only ever theoretically learned how to pilot starships. However, due to his sheer will and flexible adaptation, Jack quickly became a decent pilot in his new family, getting promotions from a simple pilot position to a general Deputy Director in a relatively short period. However, Jack still felt an empty spot, the spot his original family left open after he ran away.

A Return To Origin

At the age of 24, Jack was on one of his usual business trips to supervise negotiations with a new company on the planet of Xyquine, when his scanners pinged a familiar ship. After a routine comm check, it turned out that this familiar starship was in fact the Profiteer who also happened to be on Xyquine for trading purposes. His father, Jayden, at first didn’t recognise his son’s voice, but fell silent on his comms after realising who he was talking to. Docking sequences were initialised immediately.
After 6 years under the Mecrosa banner, Jack returned home to his father. Jack apologised for the cruel things which were said and the way he had left his father and crew behind, but did not regret the time he had spent to develop himself. Jayden was so surprised to see his son, alive and safe, that for a while, all he could do was stare. Jack got nearly ten minutes into explaining the new contacts, information, and his position as a Deputy Director, before Jayden pulled his son into a hug. The businessman told Jack that none of those things mattered and that he was simply happy that Jack was alive, safe, and finally home.
As Jack returned, alongside his job at the Mecrotica Conglomerate, he threw himself into the everyday operations of his family’s company, under his father’s prideful gaze. He now knew who he was, and where he wanted to be, and that was at the Starways Corporation.

A Change Of Direction

When Jack Starways reached the age of 27, his father officially retired as Head of the Starways Corporation leaving Jack at the helm of the company. The transition was planned and slowly implemented, and by the time Jayden Starways retired, many had assumed Jack had been running the company for years.

Known Affiliated Ships

Dark Honor Gate of Ari