Jakk Emernet

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Jakk Emernet
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Born Year -9 Day 177 Time 18:59:34, Corellia
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation Ternion Corps (Year 23 to Present)
62nd Airborne Legion
Prior Affiliation Jedi Order (Year 23)
Freelance (Year 21 and before)

Jakk Emernet has been many things in his life so far. Starting out as the son of two relatively well known Corellian parents. Joining CorSec as a junior officer, an anti-slaver, a detective, a traveling swordsman and student of The Living Force. Now he is a member of the Ternion Corps, and of the Altisian Jedi Order.

Life before Darkness

Jakk Horn Emernet was born in Year -9 Day 177 on the planet of Corellia, in the City of Kor Vella on the planets grid square 9,4 at the galactic standard time of 18:59:34. He was born to his Mother Lisha Denya Emernet, and his father Yaxon Ira Emerent. His mother was a semi-famous director and producer of many holovids, mainly historically based stories and educational documentaries. His father was a well decorated officer of CorSec's intelligence division, however Yaxon Emernet passed away tragically, while Jakk was only 8 years old, in an operation attempting to stop a group of separatist operatives CorSec had found on planet.

As such much of his life he was traveling with his mother on her many holovid shoots that often were done on location. From Shili to Tatooine Jakk visited over three dozen different locations before he reached adulthood. His Mother was very intent on him learning to appreciate all the cultures that they were able to experience, and as such he developed an open and friendly social attitude towards others regardless of differences. As a direct result of this he still holds many friends across the galaxy from his youth and attempts to visit them often. As Jakk got older he even helped in the productions of his mothers, in what capacity was allowed, and learned much about the entertainment industries throughout the galaxy.

His mother also took the time to teach him about his family history. He learned that he had a well known Grandfather who had fought in the Clone Wars, and though no one knew what had happened to him many believed he was still alive. However, his Grandfather was also a known Jedi. This made it so he was not likely to be seen in Imperial Union space, and the likely hood of him being in some version of hiding in the outer rim was a good possibility. This was something that shaped and molded the choices and actions of Jakk in years to come.

Y9 - Y21:

At the age of 18 Jakk left home, to make his own way in the universe. He was not content to simply stay on Corellia, his early life had taught him that there was so much more to the Universe. He left with a CR-90 Corvette that he had saved and bought for himself, as well as hiring a small crew, and went to find his own place in the universe with his mother's blessing.

Jakk was young and wanting to make a difference in the universe. He found his way into a life that some called piracy, and others called him a vigilante. He joined a group of anti-slavers and begun disrupting the supply chains of many of the slave markets in the outer rim of the galaxy. The operation was small, his CR-90 and a few gunboats was all the group consisted of for quite some time. However, the group found themselves in the crosshairs of one of the larger groups who profited from the slave markets. Zann Consortium, smaller than it is today, took direct actions against the group of self labeled freedom fighters. The result was a grave loss of many in his group. Jakk and the survivors went into hidding, finding protection and refuge inside of the New Republic.

Jakk was not fully invested in the New Republic's cause, he had grown up under Imperial Rule and though he has heard of many of the Galactic Empires atrocities he had never seen any directly. At least none that his naïve view of the galaxy had realized as such. He worked for the New Republic as a Freelancer, mainly hauling cargo for many years, eventually buying the needed materials and datacard to build himself a Corona-class Frigate. This along with his CR-90 would continue to serve the New Republic in an indirect fashion until the downfall of the New Republic. During the battles that waged across New Republic space, Jakk saw many things he never thought the Galactic Empire would do. Attacking medical frigates, attacking civilian ports, and many other actions often considered criminal even during war. It was on day 30 of Y21 that Jakk and his vessels assisted with the evacuation of survivors from Republica when it finally fell. For the first time Jakk took direct actions against the Galactic Empire and its allies. Gathering fleeing soldiers, pilots, politicians, civilians, and more into his Frigate and Corvette. All the while fighting off TIE Fighters and other Imperial forces in pursuit of those fleeing the conflict. Jakk directly saved 2 squadrons of fighters, 5 Light Freighters including a Medical Sprint Craft, gathered 3 escape pods from surrounding vessels as they were destroyed, and all those still aboard an Ataturk class space station that had been left behind by their assigned evacuation ships. In total Jakk saved over 200 lives that day from the Imperial Union and the relentless pursuit of its forces.

Jakk took to old space lanes learned during his days anti-slaving, and eventually left his Corona Frigate to be used by the CIS. Jakk, and many of those he saved, would go into hiding for nearly a year.

The Searching Swordsman

Jakk during this time of hiding, and deciding what to do next, would go in search of and ultimately find his Grandfather. Who would reveal the beginnings of the ways of the Living Force to Jakk. From there he would search out the Jedi Order and begin being taught by Altisian Jedi Master Vir Calder. He became sufficently trained to go no his journey to build his own lightsaber. He took months to collect the needed parts, and would visit the planet of Champala to find his lightsaber's Kyber Crystal. Jakk had spent a lot of time on Champala as a child, and he and other local children had found a series of caves that the locals all claimed to be haunted. Jakk had always felt strange feelings from the caves, even heard voices calling to him when he was dared to go inside once by the other children. Now, older and a bit wiser, he realized the caves were connected to the Living Force. He encountered a group of Howlrunners when he visited the Caves this time. They were either created by or imbued with the living force. It was a trial, the force attempting to protect the caves from those who were not properly prepared. Ultimatly Jakk would leave the planet, Kyber Crystal and shards in hand, and forge his personal lightsaber over the course of the next month.

He spent this month on the planet Naboo, he had been invited by an old friend to stay with them there while he finished his lightsaber. During his stay he was recruited unexpectedly into the service of the local planetary government in an unofficial manner. There was a local criminal who had been breaking into the Royal Palace on Theed, and though they had not damaged property, they had injured numerous guards that would attempt to stop their entry. Why they were entering, and what they wanted, was unknown. However it had been witnessed that this individual was force sensitive, hence the reason that the government approached Jakk. The local government wanted this to go though less than official channels. They did not want it to appear that they could not handle the planets security and cause undue burden to the planets controlling power. The more Naboo could handle on its own, the better the locals would feel as well. Over the next few weeks, working on this lightsaber during down time, Jakk finally located and ultimately captured the individual who was plaguing the Royal Palace.

Ternion Corps

Jakk would leave Naboo to return to his master and ultimately receiving commission as an officer in the Ternion Corps, to which his master was the commanding officer. He was also made a member of the Altisian Jedi Order to continue his study of the Living Force, reaching the rank of Knight before the year's end. The two most notable events with his Ternion Corps career thus far included the commissioning of a new Clones irregular unit, 531st Ranger Battalion, and serving as the acting commanding officer of the 62nd Airbourne Legion between Y23 D320 and Y24 D9. He is currently assigned to the headquarters staff of Ternion Corps.

Personal Life

Jakk has a very broad reaching personal life. He has many friends from all walks of life, and is constantly looking to make more friends. He keeps a circle of close friends with him on most occasions where appropriate to act both as advisors and to undertake tasks that he himself can not do. Jakk is careful to insure that any of his friends that choose to work with or for him are treated fairly and equally when possible.

Jakk is described by those who meet him as thoughtful, energetic, and kind. He is regarded as educated only slightly above the average sentient being in most cases, however he has a strong and quick memory as well as the ability to quickly put newly learned skill or information in order an into action. This often gives him the description of "street smart over book smart". Though his book smarts are nothing to be ashamed of either.

Jakk is only fluent in basic, but has learned a handful of phrases in other languages. He is exceptionally talented in martial arts both hand to hand combat and using weapons. He prefers non projectile weapons whenever possible. As a Jedi Knight of the Altisian Jedi Order, he is most proficient with a lightsaber. He can be seen practicing his lightsaber technique on his down time, as he finds the fluid movements and focus bring him a sort of meditative and relaxed state. While he was training under his Jedi Master Vir Calder he was fond of the Form VII Juyo. Since becoming a Knight however he has broadened his practices including some direct training from other Jedi Masters, and though he now could use any of the traditional forms of lightsaber combat, he still prefers Juyo.

Within the powers of the force Jakk is moderately proficient in all areas of the force, however his true talent shines in areas involving using or manipulating energy waves and forms. He as been seen on multiple occasions using the force to deflect or absorb a blaster bolt or two before drawing his lightsaber. The extent of his abilities to manipulate energy have led others to theorize that he might even be able to stop a lightsaber blade for a short time with his hands. When this theory has been brought to his attention he simply responds "Hah, well I have no intention of testing that one any time soon." or some variation of such.

Notable personnel that one might often find in Jakk's company are listed below:

  • Dannia Nabin (Corellian Female) - A friend from his home planet, Jakk employees Nabin for her excellent management skills. She is the Chief Operations Officer for Jakk's Non-Profit "StarSage Nature Preservation Society" and is in charge of running things on his publicly available Zoo station where SNP commonly will nurse wounded or endangered animals back to health. Returning them to the wild is safe, or providing them a safe home on the station if they can not be returned for one reason of another.
  • Greg Sabber (Human Male) - A friend of Jakk's, they met at the fall of the New Republic during the early skirmishes. Jakk, a freelance at the time, helped Greg to escape Republica on Day 30 when it was taken by the Galactic Empire. Greg has since helped train and lead any infantry that has worked for Jakk Emernet, now the Commanding Officer of the 531st Ranger Battalion. Greg is one of the few surviving Clones from the First generation of Clones. Emerging from his birthing pod only days before Order 66 was issued, he never saw action under the Galactic Republic and though he saw some use by the Empire before they cast off the clones he never quite appreciated their treatment of his brothers. He is now working with Ternion Corps and Jakk Emerent to bring Clones back into the universe to once again make a difference.
  • Holly Elttaes (Hapan Female) - Another childhood friend of Jakk's, Holly is one of the most common people to be seen at Jakk's side. Though Holly is slightly younger as children they would play with a group of children in the wild areas around Jakk's Patents' home. One such occasion when they were 12 years old, they were playing in a forest, near a large lake. Holly fell into the water at one point, and was attacked by a fully grown Dianoga. Jakk came to her rescue with only a small knife in hand. In the end both children survived, and though both were injured Jakk's injuries were to the point he lost his left eye, unable to be saved by local doctors. Holly's family practices religious beliefs that include the adherence to what is commonly referred to as a "Life Debt". Though Jakk refused to accept her demands to follow him while they were children, stating that the practice was not fair to a child. Once Holly became an adult she sought Jakk out, and insisted he accept her religious views. Jakk, not perfectly happy about it, accepted out of respect for her beliefs. Besides, it wouldn't hurt to have someone watching his back from time to time. Better that it was a friend.

Quick Facts about Jakk Emernet

- Jakk is currently the acting leader of the 62nd Airborne Legion, the special operations branch of the Ternion Corps.

- Jakk is a collector of blasters and melee weapons. He takes delight in learning the martial art associated with each weapon.

- Jakk owns his own conglomerate of companies all under the StarSage brand: StarSage Studios, StarSage Nature Preservation, StarSage Creations, and StarSage Logistics. All of these groups are quite small, but working towards their various goals with zeal regardless.

- Jakk has an unusually strong fear of Dianoga. This comes from an unfortunate encounter as a young child.

- Jakk has an artifical left eye, due to an unfortunate encounter as a young child. It is uncommonly well made and often goes completely unnoticed. It allows him a few abilities normal eyes don't allow, such as better night vision and not becoming irritated by direct light or other irritants that would affect an organic eye.

- Jakk has a dream of running his own chain of Casinos through out the galaxy.

- Jakk's favorite drink is Corellian Spiced Rum, and his favorite food is deep fried Gizka.

- Jakk is often followed by his own personal ID9 Seeker Droid "Dez".

- Jakk has competed in and even placed highly in some small time speeder races. Though he has never won outright... yet.

- Jakk is known to be slightly paranoid after witnessing the fall of the New Republic and has multiple “Safe houses” across the galaxy just in case.

- Jakk's lightsaber has a purple blade.

- Jakk is an avid learner of all known lightsaber techniques and forms. He favors Makashi and Djem So, and strongly favors Juyo.