Jarael Desh

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Jarael Desh
Jarael Desh 2.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Kiffar
Homeworld Kiffex
Born Year -9 Day 121
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 5'8
Hair Color Reddish Orange
Eye Color Turquoise
Political Information
Affiliation None
Prior Affiliation Krath Dynasty, Dread, Zann Consortium

Jarael was born somewhere in the Outer Rim Territories twenty-five years ago. She has never been to her homeworld in the Azurbani system before. Growing up she read about Kiffar culture and the history there. She would eavesdrop on random conversations in public places on her travels and sometimes hear about Kiffex. The majority of her life is shrouded in mystery. She went into self-imposed exile and her adventures in the Outer Rim are unknown.



The Krath Dynasty

Jarael was on Demonsgate in the Kathol Rift system when she was recruited into Krath. She was only with Krath for a short period of time however. One day, in the process of mining, she heard about a heist undertaken by her recruiter. Jarael had nothing to do with the incident, but she was exiled from Krath for being a potential threat. She then fled Krath territory and travelled to the Expansion Region.

Zann Consortium

Jarael was recruited into Zann by the same person who recruited her into Krath. She became an associate to Zann and undertook various tasks in the Mid Rim for a time. She eventually went through training at a secret location and shortly after she completed her training, assisted in the take over of the Callia sector in the Inner Rim. Some time later, Jarael was enlisted into the ranks of Dread.


Jarael eventually joined Dread in the beginning doing a multitude of things here and there. One day it transpired that the person who had recruited her into both organisations had been exiled for treason. Jarael snuck aboard the traitor's ship in orbit of Ord Vaxal whereupon she arrested and executed her for mutiny.

Jarael has fallen off the face of the galaxy