Jereen Tavqus

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Jereen Tavqus
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Jana Tavqus (Deceased)
Father Kell Tavqus (Deceased)
Siblings Mara Tavqus
Gavin Tavqus
Iella Tavqus
Born Around 18 years ago
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.82 meters
Weight 170 pounds
Coloring Light tan
Hair Color Neat black hair
Eye Color Olive green eyes
Political Information
Affiliation CorSec
Rank Sargent

Jereen Tavqus is a Corellian male.


'"The beginning'" Jereen Tavqus was born at a small hospital in Kor Vella, Corellia to Kell an Jana Tavqus. Kell was a Corellian Security force officer and Jana was a nurse at a local hospital. The couple had three other children Jereen's older sisters Mara, his younger brother Gavin and his younger sister Iella. Early life Jereen's family lived in Kor Vella for about a year after Jereen's birth, Then his father received a promotion which required him to work long hours when at the CorSec headquarters when he wasn't off on assignments, so rather than leave his pregnant wife and two young children in their small apartment in Kor Vella and only be able to see them on rare occasions he decided to move the whole family to Argos. A month after the move Jereen's mother gave birth to Gavin Tavqus, then two years later to his younger sister Iella. Jereen was a rambunctious and curious child, and had a keen scent of mechanics even from an early age and got into trouble a few times by disassembling things when they were either needed or at the wrong place at the wrong time, like when he disabled and spread the pieces to a rusty C3PO unit on the living room floor right before the guests were scheduled to arrive. During the summer months call when he could get time off would take his family on camping trips or on hunting trips , during these family trips Jereen honed his natural talent with weapons and with his fathers help learning to use a variety of small arm. On one occasion when he was eight, was able to take down an attacking sand panther.

Teenage years

At the age of thirteen and twelve when most boys there age spent their free time chasing girls or watching the latest Holo dramas, Jereen and Gavin spent time earning credits by doing by transportation or repair work for local merchants, hunting, and when ever they were allowed they would ride with there father on an assignment or spend evenings hanging around the local cantina listening to the stories of there father and other CorSec officers. It was these times that Jereen marveled at how wonderful his father really was, and how just like ever kid he wanted to be exactly like him. When he was fourteen Jereen's mother applied for and was accepted as a nurse at a local hospital due to her pre-marriage work as a nurse in Kor Vella. his sister Mara who was four years older then him, had left to study to go to med school to study to be a Nurse like her mother. This left Jereen and his siblings in the care of there aunt Silona there fathers sister-in-law who lived only a few miles away due to her husbands work as a CorSec officer. Jereen had mixed feelings about being left in the care of his aunt, it did give him opportunities to run around with his cousin and best friend Wes Tavqus. But his aunt tended to be some what over protective of her charges which tended to bothered Jereen, Gavin and Wes. The year he turned fifteen Jereen's sister Mara left med school and married a young Imperial Officer and both moved when he was deployed to Coruscant. Life look like it could only go up hill from here.


Until at the age of sixteen tragedy struck, his mother was driving home from a late shift and was hit by drunk man piloting a speeder, she died in in the hospital the next morning. The Tavqus home was grief stricken especially Jereen's father, who would not let it keep him down and used it to drive him in his work as a security officer intent in the goal that he did not want it to happen to anyone else. This caused him to spend long hours on assignments leaving him drained when he finely did get home late at night. Jereen's younger siblings took it as hardest of all as there mother had been the one safe haven in there life the one place they could go for comforting and encouragement on a day to day bases no matter how tired she was from work, Jereen though in just as much pain kept it under raps in order to help his siblings get over the grief. A few months after the tragedy Jereen fallowing his father's line of work applied and was accepted into CorSec academy, he strove hard in his studies and came out at the top of his class. Jereen enjoyed working along side his father his father who had been made his superior and observed a whole new side of the man, which was fixed on justice and honor.

One night about a month after his seventeenth birthday Jereen his father and a group of fellow CorSec officers were just leaving a cantina with a when out of a dark ally came a large burly man. Jereen's father and several of the older officer recognized him as a washed up smuggler with anger problems whom Kell had captured and sent to Kessel five years before effectively ruining the mans reputation as a big time smuggler. The smuggler Drew a blaster from his hip and pointed it at Kell even from where Jereen Stood he could smell the alcohol on the mans breath. The smuggler spoke with the barely controlled rage "Tavqus this is for ruining my and my life" and as he finished before Kell could opened his mouth to reply, the man put three bolts in to him. Time and space seemed to blur as Jereen lunged to catch his collapsing father, blood quickly began to soak his fathers uniform as Jereen held him in his arms. As his wits returned Jereen realized that he was not going to make it even as he tried every first aid technique he knew to stop the bleeding. After five minutes a medical team arrived and pronounced him dead along with the smuggler who had been shot by one of the other officers. Jereen was hurt severely by his mother's death but even more so by his fathers, for the man who had been his hero and mentor and his moral compass was now dead.

Recent history

Jereen during the next few months Jereen took great lengths of time off trying to figure out how to deal with his grief. Jereen would probably would have lost his sanity had it not been for the steadying influence of his siblings especially his younger sister Iella. Around a year after the death of his father Jereen decided to begin trading as a side job. His sister Iella who was at the time sixteen decided to join him in his endeavor, so when he is assigned to an investigation or other mission she takes over handling transactions to ensure that all customers walk away satisfied. Currently, Jereen is still a CorSec officer and is quickly climbing in rank and does all he can bring peace and security to the galaxy, and do all he can to prevent another child, losing his or her parents to the cruelty and negligence of others. The loss of his father has caused Jereen to look for some one to look up to as a mentor, and when Vencenti Malacron became his direct superior, Jereen began to look to him as an example to fallow, as a father figure, some one Jereen would be willing to stand by through thick and thin.