Jukier Chrangold

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Jukier Chrangold
Biographical Information
Race Bothan
Homeworld Fokask
Mother Saiga Chrangold [deceased]
Marital Status Single
Partner None
Siblings Burukt Chrangold [deceased]
Children none
Born Year -8 Day 121
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.6m
Coloring Tan Fur
Hair Color Auburn
Eye Color Green
Political Information
Affiliation Triumvirate Coalition
Title Marine Queen
Rank Lieutenant Colonel
Positions Marines

As a marine in the Triumvirate Coalition, Jukier is known for her pinpoint accuracy with most projectile weaponry and her dry and almost tasteless humor.

Birth and Early Life

Cruel Fate

Jukier as a newborn with her Mother, Saiga.

Just before Jukier was born, pirates took her mother and brother, Burukt, to be slaves. Luckily before they could be sold in Hutt Space, New Imperial Order officers from Bothan Space intercepted the slavers and rescued them along with other potential slaves, but due to insufficient space on their ships instead of taking the rescued back to their home planets, the NIO took part of them to the planet Fokask. Saiga, Jukier’s mother, gave birth to her as they descended into the atmosphere of Fokask. Pronounced a healthy baby by the on board medic, Saiga gave her the name of Jukier instead of a traditional Bothese name. She was named after the very ship she was born on, the MSV Wilhelm Jukier. However, her name is pronounce the traditional Bothese way with J pronounced as Y. (Yook-E-air) After her family and Jukier were left on the planet Fokask, the local government refuses to give them free passage back to Bothawui requiring them to take the NPC Transport and pay the fee. Unable to afford the toll, Saiga and her two children took up residence on Fokask. Saiga planned to save what credits they needed and never expected them to stay on Fokask for very long just until she could come up with the credits to get them home. At the age of three (her older brother being seven), Jukier and Burukt’s mother grew deathly ill and became hospitalized. Jukier was too young to understand that her mother was dying. With the increasing hospital bills, Saiga was not able to afford treatment. She lost her life to the sickness the next year leaving her two children alone and without any way to fend for themselves.

Jukier and her brother were split at first. Burukt sat in an orphanage as Jukier lived with a foster family. Despite having a good place to live in foster care, Jukier was miserable with them. She wanted her brother more than anything. She even pretended that he was still with her and she still had her real mother and father as well. Jukier spent most of her time ostracized from the other foster children who bullied her and often hurt her when the foster parents' backs were turned. Jukier eventually began to fight back against those who would bully her often hurting them worse than they would hurt her. Shortly before Jukier turned six, the foster parents were forced to give up Jukier and she was placed in to the orphanage and reunited with her brother again. Afraid that they would be split again, Burukt took Jukier away from the orphanage. They did have a way away to rent a place to live or buy food, but an older Defel boy who befriended Burukt brought them to a slum gang called the Shadow Vapes. The Defel, later learned to Jukier as Jeks Orandom, helped Burukt by vouching for him, and he was initiated into the Vapes where they housed Burukt and Jukier in the slums and gave them what they needed. When Jukier got older, she was initiated into the gang as well.

Slum Dog

Shadow Vapes logo in graffiti.

Jukier took to the gang life well. At a young age, most of her crimes for the gang were stealing and breaking and entering. Pick pocketing businessmen turned into boosting speeders. She became so inept at lying that she could stand beside a random speeder and sell it to someone who walked by. This con failed rarely usually only when the speeder’s owner would show up before the credits were obtained. Burukt and Jukier became a well know combination when it came to scamming people. Her size and age often made people underestimate her, but Burukt made sure no one tried to cheat her should they decide not to uphold a bet. Jukier would play innocent, and her brother would play enforcer. The loss of their mother made Burukt over protective of his sister and with that Jukier developed a rebellious and sometimes violent nature often having no control over her temper. She avoided her brother as much as possible and spent most her free time with another member of the gang, a Ryn boy named Jassu. Their friendship quickly grew to something more. They became inseparable despite her brother disapproving. During this time, however, the Shadow Vapes turf rivalries with another gang known as Cutlass started to get out of hand. Cutlass gang members openly fought with Vapes members in the streets and the slums. Shortly before she turned sixteen, Jukier and Jassu were jumped and attacked by a small group of Cutlass members with Vibroblades. Jassu shielded Jukier from most of the stabs, sacrificing himself for her.

Jukier fell into a deep depression after losing Jassu. She found herself looking for and finding temporary solutions for her problem, becoming heavily reliant on alcohol along with other things. She broke off all contact with Burukt and the Shadow Vapes and instead fell in with an abusive boyfriend named Krad and his posse. For the next year, she lived this reckless life in search for temporary happiness in an attempt to drown out nightmares of the day she watched her best friend murdered.

Imprisonment and Escape

Her brother managed to save up the credits to get her off of the planet, but she refused to leave without him. When Jeks learn they were trying to leave the Vapes and Fokask, he did something unthinkable. He tricked Burukt into meeting with a group of Cutlass members then he murdered all four and planted evidence that tied Jukier to the murders. Being crime and murder was all to common, the trial was short and Jukier was found guilty. She was sentence life in prison and found herself shuttled to a mining facility to serve her sentence. The shuttle was attacked by pirates however and Jukier managed to turn the tides on them and notify the local authorities of the attack with a distress call before taking an escape pod. While making her escape the ship blew up however and all on board were assumed dead.

Joining The Triumvirate Coalition

True Calling

The escape pod landed Jukier on Pesmenben III where she joined the Triumvirate Academy. Despite having no previous schooling she graduated and became a corporal in the Marine Corp. Jukier rocketed up the ranks making it all the way to Lt. Colonel. She also founded the Camden system while serving as a marine and helped in Project Blue Moon. Her most successful achievement was succeeding Colonel Tendari Rahl and becoming the first woman and Bothan in Triumvirate history to become head of the Coalition Marines.

The Blue Togorian

During her time as a Corporal, Jukier met a Togorian Logistics pilot by the name of Kusanagi Beckham. It wasn't love at first sight for the bothan but she quickly fell in love with him. Despite the long distance relationship the two made it work. Eventually, Kusanagi left the Logistic department for the Marines and the two became almost inseparable. On a vacation to Togoria, Kusanagi propose to Jukier. After initial hesitation, Jukier accepted. They wedding was never planned however. On a reconnaissance mission, Kusanagi became separated from the group and they were force to leave without him. He was never recover. Jukier was devastated.


Jukier tried her best to move on from Kusanagi's death but the pain became too much. After the malfunction of Kusanagi's personal R3 unit and the last thing Jukier had to remember Kusanagi by, Jukier flew an Escape pod into the Pesmenben sun and ended her life.

Personality, Abilities, and Assets


She usually leave the same first impression on people. She's stand offish. Not wanting to speak to someone she has just met unless she is introduced or they introduced themselves first. She is often seems stuck up and hateful. She constantly wears a scowl on her face. Most who do not know her well misunderstand her distant nature and assume there is reason behind why she is that way. To her friends however, Jukier is loyal and dedicated. She enjoy spending time with them. In a way Jukier is a enigma. She hides herself from everyone and only her true friends know the real Jukier.


Jukier as a child.

As a Bothan, Jukier has mood sensitive fur that ripples usually only when she is excited or angry. Jukier also possesses inept accuracy with most projectile weaponry including throwing weapons. This ability was first found and nurtured by her brother who gave Jukier an energy slingshot shortly after their mother got ill. After that day, she developed her accuracy through many different activities. Her brother and Jukier used it to con people in bar games like dart and even shooting pool.