Kal Ordoson

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--Kal Ordoson 12:39, 16 October 2012 (GMT)

Green eyes Iron Skin who sings; aka: Kal Ordoson
Biographical Information
Race Diathim
Homeworld Moons of Iego
Born Year -60 BGCW Day 105
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 9' 6", 2.65m,
Coloring Glowing white
Eye Color Glowing Green
Political Information
Affiliation Ori'ramikade, Clan D'ael'mor, Diathim Defenders.
Rank E-3,Chief Petty Officer
Positions Combat Pilot, Bounty Hunter, Transport Pilot
Prior Affiliation Reverie Courier Services, Diathim Dominion, Diathim Defenders

Personality and Appearance

Kal by nature is friendly and always willing to help those around him, but he also has a slight temper that has grown worse after he began to socialize with the other inhabitants the galaxy. Kal has white lumineescant skin and glowing green eyes. He stands at 9' 6" tall and weighs approximately 400 lbs. He is comonly seen waring standard battle or corellian powersuit armor with a durasteel mask or helmet. His color of choice for armor is black and he covers his wings with a black robe and cloak. Kal also has long black hair that he wares loose or occasionaly tied in a topknot. Kal carries a Force pike and Rykk blade as standard, but is often seen carrying various heavy weapons as well.


Early Life

Kal Meets the Iron Skin spacer

Lost in the Nebula

Corellian Star Shuttle: Ares IV

Diathim Dominion

Reverie Courier Services

200px-MandalMotors svg.png

Aliit D'ael'mor

150px-IEFlagblue svg.png

The Diathim Defenders: Swords Of Justice

Cathar Defense Squadron

The Great Hunt a.k.a Operation Shreik Hawk

Skills and Abilities

Kal is very skilled with all manner of non projectile weapons and has a knack for heavy weapons as well, both skills aid him well as an Infantry commander which he works as on occasion. Kal has a rather varied skill set out side of Combat skills as well. With skill in slicing terminals and crafting of various items which he learned as while scavenging on Iego's moons. Kal is also adept at managment of facilities and has been recognized as a fair negotiator, and has performed various diplomatic missions. Lastly and worthy of note are Kal's skills with computer operations which he uses to his benefit when he can and his fine grasp of Electronics Research and development which he has shown in modifying his own armor and ships.

Owned Ships

KOS Storm Crow YT-2000 YT-2000.jpg
KOS Shreik Hawk YT-2000 YT-2000.jpg
Dha Werda Verde Wing Y-wing BTL-S3 bomber Wing(4) YwingLarge.png