Kira Drykin

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Kira Drykin
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld "The Drifting Star" A retired flagship owned by The Void Runners
Mother deceased
Father deceased
Spouse none
Siblings none
Children none
Died active
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 5'6"
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Raging Banthas
Rank Captain
Positions Pilot for hire


The Corellian standing at 5’6” with short blonde messy-styled hair and light blue eyes. She wore her usual outfit comprised of a blank tank top that stopped a few inches above her waist, a pair of fitted black pants with a brown belt, a pair of matching black calf high combat boots. On her left side, a large combat knife can be seen while on her right, a holstered Bryar pistol hugs against her thigh. She wears a set of thin black forearm length gloves that are fingerless and bracelet on her left wrist with various buttons upon it.

Occasionally, she is seen wearing a dark brown trench coat.


Kira was born into a group wondering Corellians that operated as smugglers/pirates known as The Void Runners. The group was known for their secrecy and operating past the fringes of the Outer Rim.

From a young age, Kira was taught how to fly, shoot, fight, and many other important life skills that fell in line with her family's work. As Kira grew older and her skills and experience grew, she moved up within the ranks of the 'Runners. She excelled in running solo smuggling missions throughout the galaxy.

Once she turned 15, she was given her first personal ship, a YT-1300 "Star Runner".

A week after Kira's 17th Birthday, her parents where found dead aboard their home carrier "The Drifting Star" while she was out on a group raid. The murder was officially pointed at a family long time family friend and mentor of Kira's, Jacob Taverson. The poor evidence as always made Kira believe that it was someone else and that Taverson was framed. After a year of living on her own, she was eventually adopted by the leader of The Void Runner. (Only known alias was "Kronos").

It has been heard that Kira's life changed dramatically after this. Her world of a close knit criminal family changed into a brutal one. She was often the target of Kronos' bad temper and abused. She eventually found out that he feared his father due to the fact that he was likely to be the next successor to the smuggling group.

Kira eventually ran away from "The Drifting Star", after she killed Kronos in his sleep. The body was found aboard her ship, "Star Runner". The ship's distress beacon was answered by a boarding party comprised of Kronos' right hand men. They found him dead and a escape pod missing. The ship was soon destroyed via a remote triggered device that overloaded the ship's core.


To say Kira can be a mix bag of emotions is an understatement. She is often kind and loyal to those who she would call her friends and companions. She is often sarcastic and flirtatious in nature, often meaning no harm by it. Though it has been recorded that those who have tried to be hostile towards her have awaken a side of her that would reflect the brutal and almost savaged life she grew up in.

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