Klunda Disaik

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Klunda Disaik
Biographical Information
Race Nikto
Homeworld Coruscant (Jedi Temple)
Born -73 BGCT
Died -23 BGCT
Physical Description
Gender Female
Political Information
Affiliation Jedi Order

Klunda Disaik was a Nikto Jedi Master during the last century of the Galactic Republic. Records of her exact birth year and planet of origin were lost during the destruction of the original Jedi Order, but it is believed she was around fifty standard years of age at the time of her disappearance. Master Disaik gained galaxy-wide notoriety when she and her padawan led a battlegroup to Geonosis in Year -25 after a Jedi-led hostage rescue mission failed. This battle revealed the Grand Army of the Republic to the galaxy and is thought by many to be the official start of the First Galactic Civil War.

Master Disaik served with distinction throughout the war, commanding the 9th Battlegroup. Later in the war, Disaik and her padawan, a humanoid named Bral Pardos, were reassigned to a detachment of ARC troopers to assist them in their investigation and destruction of Separatist communications networks. Disaik vanished with her padawan in Year -23 during a battle near Brodo Asogi. The Republic did not list her as dead, and the Separatist records captured after the war do not list her as killed or captured. It is believed she and her padawan died in the battle or afterwards due to anti-Jedi sentiment, as neither revealed themselves when the Jedi Order was reformed in year 7.