Kohl Straffer

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Kohl Straffer
Biographical Information
Born Year -11 Day 224 (age 30)
Jundland Wastes, Tatooine
Race Chiss
Homeworld Tatooine
Languages Basic
Religion Akaanati'kar'oya - "War of Life and Death"
Spouse Unmarried

Mandalorian, Revolutionary, Combat Engineer, Pimp, Criminal, Thief

Born of a Mandalorian Chiss father and Human mother, Straffer is a physically mature sentient, who is a mixed bag of attributes of both races. Described as “a sentient of many contradictions.” Of a race whose homeworld is a glacial but born on the arid desert world of Tatooine. Though Chiss males, who are known to be aloof and reserved, he can be both engaging and bombastic in his dealings with others. With a lust for life, he finds humor in everything and can focus it on an enemy like a laser with deadly effect. Mandalorian by heritage and beliefs, holding the Resol’nare and honor as paramount in his belief systems, yet is also a pirate and criminal. Strategic in thinking and mercilessly efficient in planning, yet prone to acting on impulse and instinct without hesitation or warning. Thought to be unwavering in the planning he has demonstrated ruthlessness and flexibility in achieving goals both large and small. Staffer is indeed a sentient of many contradictions.

Early Life

Spending his early life on Tatooine and learning the ways of the galaxy he made a living in transporting goods for customers in a small armada he assembled by earning enough credits to build his operation. The work was slow and tedious and offered little satisfaction other than providing a basic living. It did, however, allow him to familiarize himself with galactic politics and its power players. It’s at this time the seeds of his disgust of the galaxy’s grind for credits and entrenched ways of thinking and doing business, as usual, were sown. He met several Mandalorians who reignited his passions for his father’s teachings of the Mandalorian ways of his youth.


Year 11 - 12 Mando`ade

In Year 11 Straffer sought to take up his Mandalorian heritage and wear it like as a mantle. Seeking the best example and embodiment of Mandalorian beliefs he enlisted in the mercenary organization Mando’ade under the leadership of Mand’alor Kai Oryk. There he learned the ways of the Resol’nare and mastered Mando’a, the Mandalorian language. Under Oryk’s tutelage, he learned the intricacies of ground combat and combat engineering with his first major military engagement being Mado’ade’s ripping control of the icy planet Kareeda from the palsied grip of Mandalore then an allied puppet state of the Galactic Empire. It’s at this time that he met his ori’vod (closest friend) Vrik “Dak” Dakari, and a lifelong friendship was born. Of like mind and humor, they worked to teach any who would put in the work to learn the shared language Mandalorian. Despite the positive benefits of his association with Mando’ade, Kohl was restless and impatient. Impatient to do more in the galaxy and at a swifter pace. He often bumped helmets with Oryk when it was decided he should go his own way in the galaxy. Straffer would then launch his first business in the galaxy, Kohl’s Concubines & Courtesans, a privately held operation providing only the most alluring companions in the galaxy, and only to the most discerning clients with the credits to pay for them. The business thrived for several years earning a considerable small fortune in credits to launch larger ventures into the future.

Year 13 - 14 ANG

Seeking a more structured life in the galaxy, though never tiring of the love of his whores, Straffer was recruited into the Ailon Nova Guard by then second in command Usta Yigit. Here he would be tasked with building a ground combat unit of Mandalorian Super-commandos to lead and support the organization's non-existent ground operations. It was at this time that he met Kyp Arkanus and told him about Mandalorian culture teaching him about the Resol’nare and the ways of Mandalorians. Arkanus, a Corellian took to the Resol’nare and brought the Mandalorian way of life to his unit, the Shadow Wolves. With Straffer leading his Mandalorian super-commando unit, the Night Hawks, and Arkanus his Shadow Wolves, Ailon now had an effective ground component to their military operation and relied on them more than their actual fleet which continued to sit as a testament to the organization's stagnant nature.

It was during this time that Ailon began an unprecedented period of expansion that included the discovery and conquering of both Qiilura and Devon in the Outer Rim. It was also a time of betrayal.

Lorenzas Atticus, another one of Ailon’s unit commanders, jealous of Straffer’s rise and abilities, began a whispering campaign against him. As he loudly proclaimed camaraderie, appreciation of Straffer’s leadership abilities, and the wave of successes Ailon experienced, at the same time he did everything he could to poison the organization’s leadership against Straffer. Atticus pointed to the fallacy that Straffer was “trying to turn Ailon into a Mandalorian organization” due to his unease with the Night Hawks and the Shadow Wolves successes.

After months of his skullduggery, the breaking point for Straffer was Atticus’ betrayal at Bastion. When friend Darlene Bazinga of SYT Transport discovered Bastion in the Braxant sector she called upon Straffer and called for support in conquering the planet. Making haste to the Bastion Straffer and Arkanus’ forces conquered vast swathes of the surface in support of SYT. At the same time, Atticus betrayed his friends conquering some regions for himself for his own gain.

Unable to reach Atticus himself, Straffer found himself having to admit he needed help to neutralize Atticus. Knowing that if he were to ever reach Atticus he reached out to Ximaro Jix of the Dark Star Hellions for assistance in eliminating Atticus.

Year 15 - 17 Outer Rim

Leaving Ailon Nova Guard caused a mass exodus of Straffer’s Mandalorian vode. Arkanus remained with the Guard but was disillusioned by Atticus’ ongoing antics. Straffer chose to leave the considerable holdings of Tal’vode industries deep space production systems in Arkanus’ hands to manage while he set course to unknown space to get away from the organizational politics, hunt, and plot his revenge against Atticus and Ailon Nova Guard for their many sins.

Year 18 Return to ANG

Returning to galactic affairs Straffer was commed by Atticus, now self-proclaimed Grand marshal of Ailon Nova Guard. Atticus explained to Straffer that after a few years of managing the organization he was exhausted and needed help to lead its operations. Straffer tentatively agreed only to find the one strong organization was now a mess. Key members, mistreated and ignored under the Atticus’ thumb had abandoned the Guard. Her economy was a mess. Her members were disenfranchised. Straffer had his work cut out for him. Launching into a period of reconstruction the Guards ship production, planetary development and military improvements all saw great gains as Straffer once again put the focus of the Guard on her people and not the whimsical desires of Atticus.

Year 19 Revolution

Despite promises to leave the Guard’s leadership to Straffer, Atticus continued with his behind the scenes plotting and machinations. Offering up Ailon’s mighty fleet of capital ships as the military backbone of a new organization, Atticus shopped around ANGs resources to anyone who would listen. His goal was to create a new government setting himself up as the King. Finally finding a like-minded person in the form of Neria Deryke of CorSec they made plans to strip both the Guard and the Shadow Collective, now lead by Kyp Arkanus, to form their new union.

This was the final insult. The final betrayal. Seeing the writing on the wall, Straffer’s long-smoldering embers of discontent exploded into a conflagration. Joining with Arkanus, Dakari and other longtime members of the Guard they began preparations to finally drop the hammer on Atticus once and for all.

Early in Y19, that hammer did indeed fall. Due to his distraction and attention on his self-aggrandizing schemes to create his own government, Atticus permitted security to go lax to a criminally negligent level. At an appointed time the three Mandalorians struck swiftly and with deadly effect. In a blazingly short amount of time all of the Guard’s territories, assets, as well as it’s grand fleet and armada were under the control of Straffer and his team.

Belief Systems

Resol’nare / Mandalorian Civil War / The Great Freedom

Physical Description

Armor: Red=Honoring a Parent Gold=Vengeance & Orange=A Lust for Life

Mandalorian armor was traditionally made out of almost indestructible Mandalorian Iron (beskar), but this was rare and expensive, so many Mandalorians, such as Jango and Boba Fett, opted for less durable materials instead, such as durasteel or duraplast. The Galactic Empire mined much of the beskar off of the surface of Mandalore, so for a time, it was nearly impossible to get any. However, the Yuuzhan Vong blasted craters deep into Mandalore that were later found to have opened up several new beskar mines. The name for the armor in Mandalorian, beskar'gam, meant Iron skin, or Iron carapace (for Mando members without fleshy skin), because Mandalorian iron was a crucial part of the armor design for millennia, until just before the Clone Wars. The secret of producing armor made from Mandalorian iron was kept within the Mandalorian clans for years

Stygian-triprismatic polymer was a harder form of duraplast. The mineral was used in many armors and shields, such as that worn by Shadow stormtroopers, and in some types of Mandalorian armor. It could also enhance portable stealth fields and sound dampeners.