Kowak (System)

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General information
Sector Sevetta
Galactic Coordinates 385, -239
Date of Discovery Year 22 Day 331
Planets 1
Suns 1
Moons 0
Asteroid Fields 0
Controlled By Rebel Alliance
Astrographic Entry Kowak

Kowak is a star system located in the Sevetta sector of the Outer Rim Territories and is governed by the Rebel Alliance. The system's unexpected discovery on Year 22 Day 331 resulted in the Battle for Kowak, where a large Rebel coalition liberated the planet Kowak from criminal warlords and protected the system from potential opportunists. Kowak was publicly claimed by the Blue Star Dominion on Day 332[1] but was not officially secured until Day 337.[2] The system later became controlled by the Rebel Alliance and was the site of the Raid on the Kowak System in Year 23.


Planet Position Atmosphere Size Population Control
Kowak (14, 10) Temperate/breathable 8x8 2,026,969 Rebel Alliance