Kraton Xel

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Kraton Xel
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Spouse Keshani Xel
Born Year -12, Day 119
Died Year 16, Day 217
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Political Information
Affiliation Holowan Mechanicals
Prior Affiliation LBX Holdings, The Exchange


Kraton Xel is a businessman and former mercenary, currently not affiliated with any organization. A Corellian, Xel founded LBX Holdings with friend and fellow Corellian Rennoit LeBeau after wanderlust took him around the Galaxy, from the mundane corporations of Corellia to The Exchange. Following the bankruptcy of LBX, Kraton currently enjoys a more unremarkable life with his wife, Keshani.

Early Years

Kraton Xel was born on Corellia, into a wealthy family, during the days of the Galactic Republic. Growing up in one of Coronet's most prosperous estates, Xel lived a life laden with luxury for all of his childhood, spending many years studying in Corellia's finest institutions of learning at each stage of his education. By the time he was 16, during Year 5, Kraton had developed a keen business sense and was physically adept; he even planned to obtain a firearms license when he was 18 and up to the age of 12 his dream had been to serve in CorSec. His family's wealth didn't spoil him, and after finishing education at the age of 19 Kraton opted not to enter into further learning (though his parents had already paid for his enrollment at Corulag University).

Xel spent a year attempting to convince his parents to cancel his place at the university and allow him to instead go straight into a security role at a large business (though where exactly this would be he didn't yet know). They refused repeatedly. Kraton, his frustration having reached breaking point, fled Corellia with almost 100,000 credits of his parents' money. The only flight available at such short notice was to Dantooine, a somewhat isolated farming world with a rich history.


When he arrived at Dantooine, Xel didn't know what to do. His original plan had been to travel to a major trading hub; somewhere he could get lost and find work easily. Instead, he found himself parsecs away from anywhere, standing in the hear at a small agricultural settlement. He didn't miss his parents: to him, they had always tried to plan out his own life for him, and it felt right to Kraton that he was now making his own way. Then he saw several heavily armed men strolling past - unusual for such a small, seemingly unimportant place. Nervous, reckless and unarmed, Kraton approached the group and asked who they were.

They were mercenaries, sent to oversee the transfer of an artifact away from Dantooine. Admiring his nerve (and desperately short in number) their leader offered Kraton a position in their organization. He accepted, and they were offworld within hours.

Over the next five years, Kraton would go from group to group, scumbag to scumbag, somewhat aimlessly. He developed a modest reputation; nothing special, but enough to get him work consistently. He traveled all around the Galaxy, but he never felt like he was going anywhere. Then he met Rennoit LeBeau.

LeBeau was a fellow wanderer, wanting to enlist in an altogether more dangerous group: The Exchange. Enthralled by the prospect of stepping up his career, and having developed a friendship with LeBeau over several shared missions, Kraton decided to join him in the effort. They were eventually accepted and over several months of astute operation became well-respected among their compatriots. Kraton and Rennoit were now good friends and worked together on many missions, though they now started to angle more towards the business side of The Exchange; something Kraton realized he greatly enjoyed and was good at. Disillusioned with mercenary life and knowing his own business potential, Kraton convinced Rennoit to leave The Exchange with him and form a new group with the friends and contacts they had made.

LBX Holdings

The group was tentatively named LBX, or LeBeau Xel Holdings. It was now Year 14, and Kraton was twenty five years old.

The company started out with a relatively small clientele but the ingenuity of Xel and LeBeau allowed several pioneering ideas to transform the business into a galactic conglomerate. Kraton began to wonder whether his parents knew of his success (they were, in fact, dead, but Xel himself did not know this). It was around this time he met his future wife, Keshani, and his wealth was growing rapidly in tandem with LBX's successes. Life was good for Kraton Xel.

In the latter part of Year 15, illness struck LeBeau, leading to a swift and unexpected death. With the other initial partner gone, Kraton was left to plan a path forward for himself and the company as a whole. Once the Board of Directors was contacted with news of Rennoit's death, business quickly turned to betrayal. Impa Xio, an early Board Member of LBX after meeting Kraton while they were both employed as mercenaries, implemented a personal contingency plan, transferring all of LBX's liquid assets to his personal accounts. During discussions with Xio, Kraton agreed to a sum covering Impa's personal investments in the company, relinquished ownership of his private vessels and equipment, and some additional assets in repayment for Xio's work over the course of LBX's life. In response, Impa kept all the cash he had stolen as well as the assets given to him by Xel and began his life of crime, stealing from the company that had paid him generously for months, provided him with millions in assets, and forgiven his multiple blunders of incompetency that resulted in millions of credits in losses.

Following the incident with Xio, Kraton transferred many of the remaining LBX assets to other employees as a thanks for their hard work. The company declared bankruptcy that same day and was shuttered permanently.

A Fresh Chapter

Left without a home, Kraton and Keshani sought out a new means while completing various remaining LBX transportation contracts.