Kyr`galaar Vhett

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Kyr`galaar Vhett was born aboard a ship in deep space while his mother and father were doing mercenary and bounty hunting jobs to pay for the general upkeep of their ship and their personal gear. Raised in proper Mando fashion, he trained in weapons and combat from an early age and worked very hard to excel in every field of combat he could think of. On a trip to Tattooine, his father's ship crashed, killing his parents and leaving him the only survivor. Unable to retrieve any of the items on board, Kyr`galaar Vhett had fled into the desert, knowing he had to find shelter before the twin suns arose and cooked him alive. Slowly, he worked his way through the desert waste until he arrived at Mos Eisley.

Taking odd jobs, here and there, he started saving his credits, trying to get a ship offworld in an attempt to contact the family he knew he was a part of. In order to hide at least part of his identity from the aruetiise, he simply went by the name of Kyr, allowing those around him to just assume that Galaar was his last name. After some time, Kyr received a message over the Holonet from the company he had contacted for application accepting him into their ranks just as he was leaving Tattooine for Corellia. Happy with this turn of events, he relaxed on the trip, expecting to be able to buy himself the basics and find further transport to Alk'lellish I, home of the Mando'ade. However, he was unable to find a single shop, not just in Cephallenia, where the starport was, but in any of the surrounding cities, either. Frustrated and impatient, he returned to the starport to buy a ticket to Alk'lellish only to find that none of the ships would go there, forcing him to contact the Mando'ade for alternate transport.

Finally tired of frustration and standing around, Kyr purchased a Nebulon-S swoop to at least cruise around the city while awaiting his ride from the ranks of the Mando'ade. That swoop was the start of his trading career, as short-lived as it was. After leaving Corellia, and leaving the swoop behind, he put it on the market, earning him his first decent stack of credits before his pay started coming in from the company itself. He then leveraged that into buying batches of items and selling them off individually in the hopes of purchasing himself a decent personal ship.


While a lucrative trader, and shrewd although fair, he was also a hard and diligent worker for the Mando'ade. While the details of his exploits with them are classified, he performed several highly successful missions for them as he rose in the ranks and became known not just for his skill as a Mandalorian warrior, but also as a talented artist. Many of his early clients were members of Aliit Rang'pitat, a clan that adopted him early on where he also rose high in the ranks rather quickly due to his knowledge and adherence to the traditions and culture of the true Mandalorian way.

While he enjoyed working beside his fellow clan members and other Mandalorian warriors, he felt himself pulled elsewhere in the galaxy to find his own way, so, reluctantly, he resigned his commission with the Mando'ade and joined Subpro Corporation as their head of security. His move to the Farlax sector and change in career was new to him, but a good crew was able to assist in the matter. As like before, he again rose quickly in the ranks and found himself as second in command of the Corporation before he realized it.

About this time, Con Semper, Aliit'buir of Aliit Vhetin approached him to act as a go between for Vhetin and Rang'pitat in the interest of merging the two clans to make them stronger. Through brief but intense negotiations, the Aliit'buire reached an agreement and the clans merged to form Aliit Rang'Vhetin. Due to his instrumental help in merging the clans, the Aliit'buire agreed to allow Kyr`galaar Vhett to form his own sub-clan under the banner of Rang'Vhetin. Having brought several new members to the clan, Kyr decided to name his new clan after his newly adopted brother, Kyr`galaar Solus`oya, in the hopes that, should anything happen, Aliit'ika Solus'oya would be left in honorable and capable hands.


During this time, Subpro went through a turbulent time, the ownership and leadership switching hands several times through the course of a short period of time. Kyr was able to retain his position through it all and even keep the company afloat, though just barely. While the specific details remain unknown, it is possible that sabotage was involved in Kyr's untimely death, though it could just as easily have been a faulty navi-comp on a purchased X-Ceptor. What is known is, during a trip from the Subpro production hub to the nearby moon of Caross I, the navi-comp aboard Kyr`galaar Vhett's personal X-Ceptor malfunctioned. The altered course sent him careening into the sun with him unable to disconnect the auto-pilot in time to save himself, or his ship.