Lancer Arcturus

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Lancer Arcturus
Lancer Arcturus
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Tyria Colton
Father Dack Arcturus
Born Day 355 Year 15 BCGT
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.75 meters
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Rank Citizen
Positions Freelance

The House Arcturus is a lesser clan from Naxos on the southern continent of Corellia, with an old naval heritage long associated with offworld adventures. Typical of Lancer, he instead chose to look towards Corellia herself to find his own fortune.


A fairly average Corellian, he maintains a chiseled physique to match his weathered features. The warmth of his grin balances the cool ice in his eyes.

Early Years

Lancer Arcturus was born on Natunda, Welona 30 in Year 15 BCGT to parents Dack and Tyria Arcturus of Naxos on Corellia. His friends and cousins always looked to the stars and dreamed of a future in galactic affairs, while Lancer tended to concern himself with more worldly activities.

Lancer did rather well in primary school, although his mentors frequently noted that he seemed to lack direction. While he quickly absorbed theoretical and physical mathematics he showed little interest in engineering, and while he demonstrated the same level of natural stick-talent as any Arcturus before him, he seemed bored in the cockpit and preferred to avoid flight simulators altogether. Lancer's interests were more attuned to hologaming, music and the outdoors.

As Lancer came of age he accompanied many of his peers to Corellia University in Coronet, but Lancer's career uncertainties and frequent absences delayed his advancement through the curriculum and most of his friends and family were graduated long before Lancer even settled upon a scholarship program.

The problem, Lancer once confessed to his father, was that he didn't want to become dependent upon governments and corporations for his livelihood. His peers had all gone offworld to serve under one banner or another, but Lancer wanted only to build his own estate from the ground up, with no debts of allegiance beyond the Arcturus family crest. His parents supported his independent spirit and while his University curriculum frequently drifted, Lancer ultimately gained a small amount of knowledge about a very broad range of subjects. When the long-running bandit crisis began to escalate, Lancer thought that he had discovered a way to start building his own future. It was rumored that mercenary companies were making a fortune confiscating stolen bandit loot, so Lancer had himself once again re-classified as a paramilitary scholar and finished the remaining requirements in under one year, gaining full accreditation with honors.

In his thickest suit of Sullustan leather, fashionably cut to appeal to bikers and pod jockeys, Lancer strapped on his student SE-14 training blaster and spent the last of his credits on five cheap, reconditioned K-4 security droids. Loading his mechanized team onto the vintage Senatorial shuttle "Further", which was a gift from his father upon his enrollment to the University, Lancer set a course for the river bank on the north-end of the capital city and immediately detected a band of ten alien brigands on the move. Lancer couldn't believe that they would be so close to Coronet and moved to intercept. Once on the ground, he quickly closed in and engaged the bandits, only to discover that he was badly outclassed and in serious trouble. Droids are not great warriors, and K-4s are cheap droids. Military armor absorbs trainer-bolts, and leather isn't effective against military blasters. By the second volley Lancer was wounded, one of his droids was already offline and the rest were all lightly damaged with depleted shields. Surveying the volume of incoming fire and the strength of the bandit's position, he made the bitter decision to break contact and retreat in the shuttle.

He knew that if he had continued, he would not have built a future. He had to find a way to bankroll a company of mercenaries, and several crates of military-grade weapons and armors, government equipment, and medical supplies if he was ever going to dominate these bandits in a fight.

There had to be a way to do it himself...