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General Information
Status Active
Leader Melina Victus
Headquarters Urce
Historical Information
Founded Year 20 Day 63
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Type Recreation

The Lazarus is a private establishment providing female entertainment, alcohol, and recreational activities for the galaxy at large. Run exclusively by women, Lazarus provides those with even the strangest proclivities the outlet to enjoy their inner demons free from public persecution or judgment. Purchasing a derelict palace from investors in Urce Space, Lara Navos oversaw renovations to the villa, ensuring the most alluring of environments for clients to unwind and enjoy the entertainment on offer.


Greeted with the desire to explore even more of her sexuality, Lara Navos was left frustrated when her personality was shunned by several around her. Unable to be herself around individuals of varying stature at diplomatic engagements or operations throughout the clusters, she decided to covertly form an enterprise to welcome those who shared her desires, without the notoriety that often came with such a viewpoint. While disengaged from operations for the Tion Hegemony, Lara traveled to nearby systems in an effort to recruit individuals willing to aide in the venture, initially code-named Labyrinth. Through flirtation, fornication, and negotiation, Lara had found a small number of women she believed would be ideal to attract the right clientele and offer the service she had in mind. The initial roster included, a Hapan beauty, a feisty Alderaanian, a Kuati fighter for security, and a red Twi'lek to operate the alcohol and barbiturate stations.

With a trusted group of staff under her wing, Lara began efforts to identify an ideal location to commence operations. After several rendezvous with Dasha Blacklock, an Alderaanian real-estate investor, Lara purchased a derelict palace in Urce Space, at the time under the guise of the Falleen Federation. Through great personal expense, Lara restored and retrofit the palace to cater to a high-class establishment, complete with facilities to easily manufacture alcohol or hallucinogenic substances in-house should the need arise. While offering a number of private rooms and offices, Lara's vision that was maintained for the main space was an open lounge that catered for guests. Encouraging patrons to enjoy each other's company and enjoy their presence during the proclivities and events that occurred without the feeling of embarrassment or anxiety. Lara maintained a private office at the main spire of the palace when time permitted her to be in attendance at the Lazarus.

As the establishment was officially opened a number of months later, no advertisement or marketing was used to draw in clients to the new venture. Instead, word of mouth controlled the narrative, ensuring new patrons could be vetted to ensure their desires aligned with the vision of the Lazarus, and wouldn't create a scenario where undesirables could harm the ladies or the reputation they were all trying to build. Welcomed patrons were also granted access to a private holofeed, allowing them to enjoy a number of Lazarus services, without the need to physically attend when time-restricted the possibility. Communications were closely monitored to ensure feeds were not shared or distributed, all the interests of protecting the privacy of those part of the exclusive client list.

After numerous clients and a growing business model, Lara made the decision to close Lazarus to new clients. Removing the public access and remodeling the structure into maintaining only a small ongoing customer base, employees were re-assigned to maintain the business day-today, with only Sko remaining permanently by Lara's side as she began to adjust her priorities towards Lilith Delcroix and separately Morgan Sathel, under the Exelis banner. Primary administration control was assigned to Melina, with a handsome ongoing budget prescribed to ensure the quality of the establishment did not decline without Lara managing the ongoing operations.

Lazarus Staff


Lara Navos
The Madame

Lara Navos is a Kuati female with a rebellious attitude. Using her looks to her advantage, she is always looking for challenging days work in and amongst violence and gore, with no qualms about being with individuals of any race or gender. While previously having no open allegiances to anyone or any religion, she has recently discovered the benefit of support in circumstances. Proficient in the use of knives and hand-to-hand combat, she prefers an up close and personal feel to her violence, savoring the final moments of her victim's pain and suffering, shying away from long range or space encounters as much as possible.

Lara Navos was born onboard the Acclamator-class Assault Ship Incognito while in Talravin system to Dar Victus and Lara Navos. Gifted her mothers' name, the daughter of Imperial officers she was placed into a foster home in the city of Talravin 04-04 with no further contact. She was adopted by a single Zabrak woman, Frey Jima who raised her in a small property on the outskirts of town. Shortly after her third birthday, Lara and Frey relocated to the nearby system of Kuat to ensure Lara could gain a reputable education. Selling whatever assets they could, Lara was enrolled in a combat curriculum within the Kuati Security Forces. Avoiding the less interesting classes of philosophy and historical insignificances, Lara focused her attention on her combat prowess, focusing on knives and close combat weaponry, with continued enthusiasm towards blasters and physical hand-to-hand combat.

Regularly keeping a low profile, she deliberately underperformed in the eyes of her teachers to ensure she was not viewed as a threat by any of her classmates. This desire to remain secretive meant she received a number of wounds and bruises at the hands of those around her. She endeavored to grow her own sense of vitality and resilience, despite the pain and struggle she regularly found herself in. Her mother Frey continued to grow worried at her wounds, not wanting to lose her daughter to military wounds. While not in a class, Lara avoided her extra curriculum studies and curfews to undertake in barbiturates, deathsicks, and other bad habits. Barely over the age of fourteen, she was maintaining an addictive drug habit, which saw her receive regular disciplinary action and punishment due to high absenteeism rates from classes and poor performance. (Read More...)


The Alluring Administrator

Melina Victus has always had the galaxy in the palm of her hand. Born to Hapan diplomats from Sivoria, Melina was placed in the educational circles of the Robin Hood School of Culture. Despite her opportunities in society and high-class education, Melina had no interest in entering politics or a life of status. More interested in following her lust of all beings, Melina split off from her parents and purchased transport to the nearby planet of Chosper. Selling off various possessions stolen from her parents following their separation, Melina moved from partner to partner, regularly due to infidelity.

As her reputation as a homewrecker began to grow across the system, Melina struggled to deal with the public scrutiny she faced on a daily basis. Arrested for attempting to steal a freighter to leave Cluster space, Melina spent several months in prison for her crimes. While the time out of the spotlight allowed her to disappear from the minds of those around her, she was still locked up with violent sentient of all walks of life. Using her skills in manipulation, Melina was more than willing to use her body to ensure her protection, maintaining a status of untouchable until she was discharged. As part of her prison discharge program, she was deported into Falleen Federation space, choosing to start again on Urce.

Learning nothing from her previous years, Melina continued to use her beauty as a means of survival. Through exotic means, she was able to get back on her feet but began to hit a glass ceiling in terms of opportunities. Exhausting the finances of various patrons and establishments across the planet, she sought a higher-class to seek greater fortune. As murmurings began to cross the planet of a glamorous, exclusive establishment opening across the planet, Melina began to research the opportunity. Reaching out through various contacts, Melina conducted a rather irregular interview with Lara Navos. Hired soon after, Melina was given the keys to the kingdom, the ability to work with some of the wealthiest beings across the sector at the exclusive Lazarus club. Melina now manages the ongoing operations of the Lazarus, taking over from Lara as she began to focus on more personal endeavors.


The Promiscuous

Eva Xivex hailed from Rondai-2 in the Bilbringi sector. Growing up an orphan, a number in the system of the Aurodium Legion ensured she was rarely approached for adoption. Remaining in public housing and basic schools throughout her childhood and early teenage years, Eva had a harsh upbringing with only the most basic of education. Discharged from the governmental system at sixteen, Eva was left to the streets with no real understanding of what life was or how to live it.

Learning more about herself as the days passed, Eva discovered her sexuality at a very early age, enjoying the company of men, women, and alien regularly. Introduced to the inner circles of various adult-themed establishments and businesses, Eva was encouraged to enjoy her various proclivities, something she was more than willing to do with her limited understanding of the galaxy. Her image beamed across holofeeds, holovids, and being featured at some high-class establishments meant Eva had more credits than she knew what do with. Easily manipulated by those around her, Eva lost most of her income to undesirables and gambling, ensuring the vicious lifestyle continued to no end.

As her state of mind and well-being began to deteriorate, Eva was approached by Lara Navos while on shore leave from a logistical operation. Taking Eva under her wing, Lara endeavored to get the feisty Alderaanian back on her feet. Letting her attitude grow and understand of life to blossom, Eva traveled to Urce to use her talents at the Lazarus, in a safe and secure environment. Always one to get into trouble or explore her personality with as many as possible, Eva would rest easy knowing she would always have a roof over her head and direction to ensure she was no longer manipulated by others unwillingly.


The Security

Xelor, born Xelor San Kossh, rarely spent any time on solid ground until she found her way to the Lazarus. Born on a EF76 Nebulon-B Medical Frigate orbiting Leria Kerlsil to Imperial agents, Xelor enrolled in the Imperial Academy before she could walk. Trained at the oversight of her parents, she was destined for the armed forces before she even commenced her first course. Through harsh tutelage and extensive physical training, Xelor graduated before her fifteen birthday, immediately being deployed into conflicts with Republic forces.

During a conflict on Hosnian, Xelor was wounded in her right leg, eventually causing her discharge from the Galactic Empire on medical grounds. Without a cause to fight or a battle to wage, Xelor turned to alcohol as a means for solace and purpose. Bartering for transport to the nearby planet of Raysho, she turned to the underground, using her body as a means of revenue. Solely an exhibitionist, Xelor was always ready to subdue a client that felt the need to touch her after an ale or two. While employment was regular and the income was more than making ends meet, Xelor was lacking a purpose like the calling of an Imperial. When not working she was endeavoring to keep the clubs and bars safe, but such actions didn't feel sufficient to warrant her time.

Reviewing some encrypted feeds from the Imperial holonet, Xelor learned of a small operation starting up on Urce. Reaching out to the proprietor, she attempted to learn if a quiet operation was potentially her best option moving forward. Impressed with her skills and talent for winning fights, Xelor was hired by Lara Navos to oversee the security of a new recreational club know as the Lazarus. Ensuring the safety of all staff and assisting in the day-to-day operations gave Xelor a stepping stone to something more, with the ability to grow with the organization from the ground up.


The Beautiful Bartender

Drez, born Drez Chengalu, lived the early years of her life on Ryloth, in a small residence in the capital city of Kala'uun. An avid climber, Drez sent her youth scaling the various mountain ranges of the planet while her parents worked logistics within the Tenloss Syndicate government. Receiving no formal education, Drez formed few friendships in her childhood, rarely spending time at home as she preferred the outdoors to survive. As her parents retired and soon passed away in the fifteenth galaxy year, she spent her later teenage years traveling the Smuggler's Run with an antiquated YG-4210 left behind by her parents. Drez began to run operations with several operatives and smugglers she encountered, allowing her to experience wealth for the first time in her existence.

Never maintaining a companion for more than a few weeks, Drez began to feel isolated and imprisoned by space, unable to enjoy the outdoors like her childhood. Expressing her displeasure to a former employer, the Twi'lek was put in touch with Lara Navos, an unpredictable woman who had an opportunity. Over the course of several meetings, a mutual understanding was met, allowing Drez to enter the employ of Lara at the Lazarus, controlling all barbiturate and alcoholic substances at the establishment.

Rarely one to engage with the patrons outside of the conversation, Drez still enjoys the spectacle of the Lazarus, while appreciating the chance to remain grounded and enhance her hobbies. While she regularly changes her drinks menu to suit her mood, her customary drink the Twi'lek Izzy is always on the menu. A recipe made from the land of Ryloth and finest alcohol from the inner regions of the galaxy, Drez has never revealed the recipe, allowing the red beverage to entice its drinkers for another while being shrouded in mystery.



Kelana Hux is a Hapan female, born into a life of luxury and pleasure. Moving away from her parents at fourteen, Kelana sought credits and a more enjoyable lifestyle than that of a Hapan noble. Crossing the galaxy through various underbellies, Kelana eventually ended up in Hutt Space, using her body as a palace for the rich criminal enterprises. Modeling, Prostitution, and Escort work allowed her to make a handsome living while continuing to provide her with joy and a more cavalier lifestyle than that of her parents. Upon learning of their deaths, Kelana ventured back into Hapan space to pay her respects, before identifying that straight and narrow individuals often paid more than those of criminals. Venturing throughout Hapan, Falleen and the Tion Cluster, she was sought by many noblemen and women alike for her services, broadening her clientele and reputation around the galaxy as one of passion.

Upon ventures within the Tion Cluster, Kelana met Lara Navos during an off-world assignment, whom she has kept in close contact with ever since. Initially rendezvousing on numerous occasions, Lara floated the idea of joining her as an exclusive talent and personal consort. Initially hesitant due to the freedom she possessed to enjoy life as she saw fit, she eventually welcomed the opportunity to stay close to someone with a rebellious nature, while also appreciating the ever glowing red skin of the Kuati female.

Facilities & Admission

The Lazarus Palace on Urce.

The Lazarus palace on Urce was renovated with the desire to provide an open and elaborate environment for people to enjoy the company of others. While the public grounds around the palace provide calmly comforts to relax, activities to ensure fitness, and quiet areas for a personal conference or meeting, the large structure maintains a hidden aura, only visible from inside its walls. While the main foyer is relatively standard in comparison to the decor of the galaxy, the main hall past a checkpoint is completed open plan. While many recreation facilities would often split off into separate themes or zones for privacy, the Lazarus ensured the walls were removed to allow everyone to witness the desires and proclivities of others, in a shared capacity.

The main hall ensures privacy through no recording devices or transmissions and placed numerous blockers around the grounds to scramble any and all signals from penetrating external networks. Security is maintained by the use of droids and sentient life as necessary, in order to maintain a pleasant environment for all patrons that are welcomed to the exclusive establishment. Should access be granted, the second floor is more standard, opening up to a number of private offices and accommodations should staff or patrons require the facilities after hours. The third floor and main spire of the facility house the private office and living quarters of the Madame, Lara Navos. The large room contains an extensive collection of alcoholic and hallucinogenic substances, ready and awaiting consumption.

The south side of the grounds provides a small landing bay for small shuttles and freighters for existing clients, while the third floor has an adjacent shuttle bay to house Lara's personal vessel. The grounds and fauna are maintained by a small collection of LEP Servant Droids. Given Lara's distaste and distrust for droids, they regularly are pushed beyond their recommended usage limits, requiring regular replacement due to failing parts and expired capacitors. All existing operations external to the grounds are managed by security operations, namely Xelor San Kossh.

Admission to the Lazarus is selective and the clientele is regularly scrutinized to ensure the respect of all staff and patrons is maintained. Applications are reviewed exclusively by Lara Navos prior to anyone being given access past the main foyer. Upon their initial review by Lara for irregularities and undesirable behavior in contradiction to the views of Lazarus, further scrutiny and analysis are conducted by Xelor San Kossh to ensure the inquiring party is not desiring to simply escape the law and remain hidden for a time. While maintaining various fiscal feeds to local police and security forces, an agreement was put in place to ensure any and all fugitives were handed over to the local government and as such, the attention is undesired. Once granted access past the main foyer of the Lazarus, patrons have full access to the ground floor and the various facilities around the grounds of the Lazarus.