Leeanna Mailhot

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Leeanna Mailhot
Leeanna Mailhot.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Human (½ Corellian, ½ Coruscanti)
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Uzoma Mailhot (née Invectus)
Father Ragnar Mailhot
Spouse N/A
Siblings Alexandria Mailhot (Deceased)
Children None
Born Year -14 Day 154 (age 28)
Died N/A
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.96 meters
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Empire
Title Classified
Rank Classified
Positions Classified
Prior Affiliation None
"Good men are always content to continue, but great men, great men strive to be something more. I will become Greatness itself!"
— Anonymous

Leeanna Mailhot, born Year -9 Day 154, is the last survivor of the Mailhot Family, de facto Lady Baroness of the Invectus estate and a powerful Sith Master.


Early life

Leeanna was born illegitimately to a Corellian lower class man and a Coruscanti Upper-Class Lady. The two had long been in love, but due to Ragnar being a Hyperdrive engineer and Uzoma being the Heiress to the powerful Invectus Estate, the two never publicly announced their love. However it all changed when Ragnar visited Coruscant in the year -15. Uzoma announced she was pregnant. The two immediately fled to Corellia that night, with Uzoma taking possession of the lions share of her fathers credits. The two managed to set themselves up with a modest estate, providing and caring for little Leeanna, and finally married. Pretty soon they added to the family with another girl, Alexandria.

It wasn't long after this that Uzoma's parents finally tracked them down. To their complete surprise her parents welcomed the family, forming a close bond and becoming a whole family once again. Uzoma's parents revealed she had been written into their will once again. Under the sole proviso that Leeanna, due to her bastard status, receive none of the inheritance. I difficult decision to make, but one that Ragnar and Uzoma agreed to, planning on doting on Leeanna while they could. Unfortunately it was a promise that they ultimately didn't keep.

Leeanna ended up growing up without love from her parents, who instead focused their attention on their legacy, Alexandria. With Leeanna constantly being pushed aside, the two sisters developed a fierce rivalry. Once the two parents passed away, the estate passed to Alexandria as planned. On the night of Alexandria's 19th birthday, Leeanna choked her to death, pulling off a coup. Leeanna's carefully executed plan was completed without a hitch, as her sources in the Corellian Government ensured that the full Estate passed to her. Leeanna immediately sold everything, purchased a group of ships, and took off into the galaxy to begin her life anew.


It took Leeanna a while to settle down. She spent several years enjoying the small pleasures of the galaxy, drinking and gambling her way through life. She became very adept at fighter sims,winning far more than her fair share of victories because of her skills. It was during one of these sessions that the Imperial Recruitment Liaison for the area spotted her and attempted to talk to her about joining. Leeanna immediately brushed him aside, not wanting to follow strict rules and regulations for the rest of her life.

She continued her dangerous lifestyle, becoming more and more cynical of the galaxy, trusting no one and learning the hard way how to survive on her own. It was tough, but her the continued rebuffs of her parents during her childhood made it a little easier, she though she was comfortable being alone. Yet over the years that followed, her increased isolation and the changes that occurred in the galaxy began to warp her views. She needed something to motivate her. She had spent her entire childhood focused on the sole goal of gaining independence by any means necessary. Now that she'd achieved it, she had no goal, nothing to strive for. So, she eventually, after much sole searching, decided to join the Empire, and contacted the Recruitment Liaison that had expressed interest in her years before.

Imperial Service

Leeanna always strived to be the best during her days at the academy, one thing that she wanted to prove to her commanding officers is that once she decides on something, she throws her heart and soul into it. However, she found the courses and exams far more difficult than she had expected, and by the time graduation arrived, she found that she'd only achieved a basic graduation. This infuriated Leeanna, bringing the darker side of her personality to the surface. It angered her to the point where she felt a physical force eject from her body, smashing into the bulkhead of her ship. As she inspected the dent in the Durasteel, she realised that it could only mean one thing, she was Force Sensitive. This immediately calmed Leeanna, and she felt the welcoming embrace of the Force inhabit her body for the first time. It felt incredible, like she could do or be anything. She resolved herself to train in secret, hoarding power for the time where she would announce herself. She wouldn't allow the members of the Sith Order to ever think she was weak, she would wait until she had real power, that way she would never repeat the mistakes of the past.

Leeanna was assigned to the 3rd Imperial Fleet, operating out of Corellia, and impressed her superiors straight away with her hands on attitude and high activity levels. This allowed her to quickly ascend from the rank of Ensign to Lieutenant Junior Grade, where she began to take on extra work including becoming a Training Officer in the Imperial Academy and doing more than her share of fleet work. She found her service soothing, and her personality mellowed, morphing her into a kinder and nicer person. She even managed to begin a relationship, something which hadn't interested her previously. People began to notice this, and talked to her more, with Leeanna quickly gathering a number of friends from different areas of Imperial Service, rather than just her own fleet.

Once Leeanna was promoted to Lieutenant, widely considered the first intensive officer role, she found her time being increasingly eaten into as her imperial duties took more and more time away from her meditive seclusions. This led to a sharp drop in the amount of exploration of the force she could do on her own and this, coupled with the change in priorities she'd experianced, caused her to apply for the Order of the Sith. Her acceptance was granted quickly, and the order assigned Leeanna a master to refine her knowledge of the dark side further. This resulted in another shift in personality, with Leeanna becoming more vocal, more sarcastic and cynical. She didn't revert to her previous ways altogether, that side of her was gone, but it did draw out some of the darker side of her. This of course was only natural given her descent into the dark side.

Personal Information


To Follow


During her childhood years, Leeanna was known amongst her friends as a chatty and pleasant person, who always made time for others. However, during her teenage years and once Alexandria was born, she began to withdraw into herself. This of course was only natural given the lack of attention she was being given, and although she wasn't immediately made aware of her parents bargain with her grandparents, she caught on pretty quick and realised they came to view her as a distraction. This morphed her into a selfish, cold shadow of her former self, one very much capable of hate. It's a testament to how far Leeanna had fallen that she was prepared to murder her sister to gain the estate. Leeanna's hard and disjointed personality meant she didn't even blink.

Once she had struck out on her own, Leeanna's personality aided her in achieving whatever goals she set out for herself. She drink, gambled, slept and smooth talked her way out of many tight situations. It was her bluntness and brutal honesty that caused the Recruitment Officer to consider her, although ironically, once she joined the Empire, her personality shifted once again.


Leeanna had never put much stock into relationships, the neglect she had Recieved from her parents and the complete lack of any emotional attachment to her sister had resulted in a coldness and detachment to develop in her soul. She had experimented during her travels around the Galaxy, as an attractive women she was never short of offers, some of which she had accepted out of mild curiousity. However she never felt any attachment to her lovers, and more often than not she would slip away without them ever knowing her name.

All that changed during her first year in the Empire. She found herself growing close to a fellow member of the Fleet, with them often spending a lot of time together in various hangers and cafes, simply enjoying each other's company. Leeanna didn't really know what to make of her feelings, and definitely didn't want to act on them, concerned that her affinity with the force and future aspiration of joining the Sith would prevent any sort of relationship.

However destiny seemed to tie her and Syrialus together more closely then she could imagine. As she took on more roles and responsibilities she found herself getting closer to him rather than further apart, with him becoming her manager in the Imperial Academy. Syrialus became her confidant, the first person she admitted the murder of her sister to, and the harsh environment of her childhood. Throughout all this, Syrialus kept one secret from her, his duty demanding that he never tell anyone that he was a Sith Lord.

Once Leeanna joined the Order, she was initially hateful towards the man who had kept this colossal secret between them. However, as she trained and explored the libraries and Holocrons on Korriban, increasing her power in the force, she realised she couldn't deny her feelings anymore. The Dark Side is drawn from passion, it is the foundation for strength, the building block for power, and something she had to embrace to further increase her power. She finally forgave Syrialus, and they began a full relationship.

Unfortunately, as is common among the Sith, where betrayal and selfishness is admired, it wasn't meant to be. After a series of missions that separated them physically for nearly a year, they agreed that they weren't as close as they once were. Although officially separated, no-one would ever be able to remove their bond completely, which allowed them to sense each other from across the galaxy. Her first true love would never be forgotten, and they remain close friends to this day.


To Follow


As a member of the Sith Order, Leeanna follows the core principles of the dark side of the force. Her life was listless, directionless and her prospects slim before she joined the empire. At that point she denied weakness, repulsed peace and set her path on the road to power. Therefore, she now lives her life through these words.

There is no peace, there is anger.
There is no fear, there is power.
There is no death, there is immortality.
There is no weakness, there is the Dark Side.

Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Through passion, I gain strength.
Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain Victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.
The Force shall free me.

I am the Heart of Darkness.
I know no fear, but rather I instill it in my enemies.
I am the destroyer of worlds.
I know the power of the Dark Side.

I am the fire of hate.
All the Universe bows before me.
I pledge myself to the Darkness.
For I have found true life, in the death of the light.