Linjara Orly

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Linjara Orly
Linjara orly avatar.png
Biographical Information
Race Alderaanian
Homeworld Alderaan
Mother private information
Father private information
Spouse private information
Siblings private information
Children private information
Born Year 11 BCGT (Age 24)
Died on another day
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.70 m (5'7")
Coloring dark-brown (hair)
white (skin)
Eye Color powder-blue
Political Information
Affiliation Freedom Warriors
Rank Master Chief
Positions Command / Marshal in Command
Prior Affiliation none
Awards Marshal Badge Freedom Knight Award
Linjara Orly is a female Alderaanian security specialist at Freedom Warriors.

"To serve, to protect, to bring justice and peace to the galaxy"
— Pledge of the Freedom Warriors
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Linjara at early childhood

Linjara was born in the year 11 BCGT on Alderaan. There is not much known about her family and her early childhood, but she grown up as a member of the Alderaan aristocracy. Following the pre-scripted path of the life she was born into, she visited the Alderaan Select Academy for Young Ladies. She was educated to be a Lady of the Alderaan nobility. Devoting herself to meet societies' expectations, she graduated with excellence.

Following the tradition of her family, she joined the Alderaan Military Academy. She graduated quickly and qualified for high threat response and special operations. After proving her skills in various missions, she was assigned her first command at the age of 20. Lastly, she was assigned to leading small squads on low profile missions.

After completing the Alderaan military service, she decided to leave Alderaan and became a freelancer bounty hunter. She worked hard and tracked criminals all over the galaxy. When she met the Freedom Warriors, she decided to stop her business as freelancer bounty hunter and devoted herself to the honourable goals of the Freedom Warriors.

Now, she is an acknowledged member of the Freedom Warriors.


Linjara at the coronation of Rick Farlander

For an Alderaanian, she is of average size and has a slim and athletic build. She has long, dark-brown hair making her fair skin appear bright and smooth. Commonly she wears her hair loose, but in combat situations she usually puts it up. Her powder-blue eyes are bright and alert. Her gaze is direct and carefully. Often times a ghost of a smile is playing around her lips.

On duty, she wears the tight, blue pilot's uniform with brassards, the marshal star attached and black combat boots. A leg holster on her left-hand side carries a modified DT-12 blaster with traces of use and another holster on the right-hand side a short vibroblade. On diplomatic events, she preferable wears long and simplistic but elegant dresses made of silk or satin.

Off duty, she commonly wears varying fashionable clothes neither looking cheap nor worn. Preferably, she covers herself with a silky cloak. Her clothes often are featuring signs of the Alderaan aristocracy. Since joining the Freedom Warriors, she is rarely seen suited off duty.

Linjara graduates from Freedom Warriors' boot camp