Liviana Iota

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Liviana Iota
Biographical Information
Race Corellian
Homeworld Corellia
Mother Karena Iota
Father Davin Iota
Siblings Laryn Iota
Born Year -5 Day 222
Languages Basic
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.68m
Hair Color Brown (Dyed Blonde)
Eye Color Green
Political Information
Affiliation New Republic
Title "Vida Loca"
Rank SFC Flight Commodore
Positions Deputy Chief of Starfighter Command, Academy Headmistress
Awards Citations and Awards
"In battle you will find yourself, or find yourself lacking."
— Liviana Iota

Liviana Iota, also known by her call-sign "Vida Loca", is a decorated starfigher pilot originally from Corellia. Most of her early life was spent traveling the galaxy in starships, until the day that the Galactic Empire imprisoned her parents for aiding subversive groups in Imperial Space. After struggling to survive on Nar Shaddaa with her older brother, Liviana joined a small resistance cell against the Empire. Their rebellion was eventually crushed in an ambush, only Liviana survived. Following the disaster, Liviana hijacked a ship and wandered the galaxy, eventually finding herself in New Republic space. There, she decided to stop running, and joined the New Republic's military as a pilot. She continues to serve there to this day.


Early Life

The second child of Karena and Davin Iota, Liviana was born on Corellia on Year -5, Day 222. Her family owned a small shipping business, Iota Industries, formed by her father in the years leading up to the creation of the Galactic Empire. Their business rarely ventured far from the Corellia system, mostly moving supplies and manufacturing small items for traders and tourists. Her father, Davin, was formerly a fighter pilot during the Clone Wars. Given the small scale of his enterprise, the family was often on the move, living various starships and cargo cruisers during much of Liviana's childhood. Her mother, Karena Iota, was formerly a low-level politician on Coruscant, and thus handled much of the bureaucracy and paperwork to ensure that Iota Industries ran smoothly. Liviana's brother, Laryn, is seven years her senior.

As the years passed, their parents were forced to take them along cargo runs and other assignments for the company; there was barely enough money to hire required help, let alone assistance raising children. As such, much of Liviana's youth was spent on her father's ship - the YT-2000 known as the Enamored Raven. Despite the challenges of raising two children in space, Liviana's parents ensured she received as good of an education as they could manage. Davin would even teach his daughter the basics of piloting and starship flight, much to the annoyance of his wife. By the age of 13, Liviana found a love for space and the vessels that filled it. An uneventful trip to Centrepoint Station would become one of her oldest memories, and the young girl listened diligently to every story about her father's exploits in the Clone Wars.

The conflict between the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire became more heated every day, with effects that even reached all the way to a small company founded in Corellian space. By Year 8, Iota Enterprises was stretched so thin that Laryn was forced to pilot ships to make deliveries and shipments. Unbeknownst to the Iota siblings, Davin and Karena had dedicated some of Iota Industries's resources to aiding rebel groups on Corellia that aimed to topple the Empire. While this was likely done with noble intentions, the punishment for such actions would be severe and ultimately change the lives of Liviana and Laryn forever.

While Liviana accompanied her brother, who was making a shipment to a sector of Deep Space outside of Corellia, the Empire moved against Iota Industries by force. All of the company's assets were seized and declared property of the Imperials. Liviana's parents were captured, sentenced, and thrown into prison for the remainder of their lives. It was only due to the quick thinking of Laryn and a young Liviana that the siblings were able to escape the Imperials when they returned to Corellia. They used all the fuel aboard the bulk freighter to jump as far away from the Galactic Empire's jurisdiction as they could - to Nar Shaddaa, the Smuggler's Moon. Knowing their ship was likely tracked, Laryn sold the vessel for scrap and what little credits they owned were quickly expended trying to survive on the world of Nar Shaddaa.

On the Run

Leaving Nar Shaddaa

The next few years of Liviana's life were a drastic change. Without their parents, the Iota siblings were forced to turn to crime to make ends meet; which usually was accompanied with violence. Going from a sheltered life aboard starships to the slums of Nar Shaddaa was nearly the death of both children numerous times. Within three years of arriving on the moon, Laryn found himself roped into a number of schemes and failed plans to gain power and credits. These attempts were short-lived, backfiring often, making Laryn a rather unpopular man. The two chldren grew apart, Liviana spending her time alone or pit-pocketing others to survive. A brief stint with a gang taught Liviana much, how to clean and use a blaster, learning to use explosives, tracking and robbing her prey. As she grew older, she moved carefully; always contemplating the future of her actions and never taking risks that could be avoided. The same could not be said of her brother. As a teenager, the young Corellian found that she had a knack for repairing damaged equipment and vehicles such as swoop bikes and speeders. She killed her first man at the age of fifteen, an experience that haunted her for many weeks.

In Year 13, Liviana had enough credits amassed to consider leaving Nar Shaddaa, and a few friends that would repay enough favors to get her to a ship as a stowaway. When she presented the plan to Laryn, he refused to leave the moon. His rationale was that a massive opportunity had come up in the last few days that warranted staying, but Liviana knew the truth: her brother had gotten in over his head with the more powerful gangs and would be killed if he left the Smuggler's Moon. After a massive argument, she left her only family member behind with hatred in her heart for the people that set her down this path. It would be the last time she would see her older sibling, something she would later admit to being one of her great regrets.


Taking up arms on Voktunma

After leaving Nar Shaddaa, Liviana eventually made her way to the world of Voktunma III, in the Corellian sector. After a few weeks of harassing the Imperial patrols in the starport, she met a number of like-minded individuals that were working to terrorize the Empire in any way that they could. Unable to keep up residence in the starport, the group was forced to reside in the forests outside the city; a dangerous and unfamiliar environment to Liviana. She became close friends with a few of her allies, namely a Twi'lek named Miura, who taught the young Corellian how to survive in the wilderness. Miura would go on to hone Liviana's raw and undisciplined fighting skills. The pair was inseparable, often undertaking violent and risky missions against the Imperial forces on the jungle world.

Every day meant another fight, with Liviana happy to hurt the Empire in any way that she could. For the first time since she was young, she felt at home with the ragtag group that had been brought together by chance. Spurred on by every minor victory, they worked hard to help others on the world. While relatively insignificant on a galactic scale, the group's efforts earned them plenty of attention from the local garrison.

Eventually, a day came where the group learned of an incoming slave shipment from Kessel to Voktunma. While security would be heightened, they saw it as a rare opportunity to free others from chains. Confident despite the odds, the rebels split up; Liviana and Miura's group was in charge of ambushing Imperial troopers in an effort to procure better weapons. Once they obtained Imperial-grade weapons, the rebels attacked the guards around the slave ship, only to find they had been lured into a trap. There was no slave transport or ship, just a clever ruse to bait the rebels into their destruction. Lacking military discipline, the group splintered and was systemically wiped out. While Miura took blaster fire, Liviana was injured getting her friend to safety, but they were able to escape.

Fleeing into the mountain ranges, Liviana was unable to treat Miura's injuries and the Twi'lek died in Liviana's arms. Liviana's own wounds were not fatal, but forced her to remain hidden in the jungle for almost six months before she found the strength to return to the Voktunma starport. Alone in the wilderness, with only a blaster rifle for company, Liviana was able to survive off the flora and fauna until she regained her strength. Once back in the starport, she executed a risky plan to hijack a docked shuttle. She left the world of Voktunma far behind, heading for parts unknown.


Over the next three years, Liviana spent a considerable time wandering the galaxy without much direction or purpose. While she briefly returned to Nar Shaddaa, she was unable to locate her older sibling and mourned for Laryn as if he had passed away. She never stayed on one planet for long, never finding a home outside the walls of her small shuttle. Presumed dead by Imperial troops, she spent some time back in Corellian space in a vain effort to uncover the fate of her family. During this time, she stole and reprogrammed an R3 astromech droid and used it to gather any relevant information from the Empire. While only a tiny fraction of data was available, R3-A6 located her father's old YT-2000 at a recycling plant in a neighboring system. Liviana spent a great deal of time tinkering with her droid, and refused to memory-wipe him regularly, leading R3 to develop a very sarcastic and aggressive personality.

Together, Liviana and R3 broke into the recycling station. During the battle, she destroyed her own shuttle, but Liviana succeeded in reclaiming her father's ship. The vessel was rechristened the Silent Raven by its newest owner. It would be continually upgraded and repaired by Liviana as she wandered aimlessly thorough the Outer Rim. The ship was never capable of long distance trips, and was badly in need of maintenance and retrofitting. Still, Liviana was attached to the ship and did her best to keep it running.

The New Republic

Liviana returns from an undisclosed mission

Year 18 saw Liviana finally end up in New Republic space, stopping on Rodia to refuel and repair her vessel. It was here that she was able to witness the might of a government that could rival the Galactic Empire, watching military craft land and depart the city every night. Every day after bargaining for needed parts, she tried to steal just a glimpse of the agile and dangerous fighters that formed the New Republic Starfighter Command, remembering her father's words about his time fighting in wars past. She exchanged words with one of the off-duty Academy instructors in the cantina, who encouraged her to join the New Republic's cause.

With some hesitation, she applied to the New Republic Academy, doubting that she would be qualified to join the SFC. Much to her surprise, her aptitude tests displayed a natural talent for fighter piloting, and Liviana worked hard to finish the Academy at the top of her class. At the New Republic Academy, she excelled, and upon graduation swore her oath to join the New Republic Armed Forces. Emboldened by her newfound possibilities, she also enrolled in a Basic Medical Course under the tutelage of Huw Roon and Gile Landala, determined not to repeat the mistakes that lead to the deaths of her friend on Voktunma. Liviana worked hard to put her past life behind her, ensuring that she would live up to every word in her oath once sworn in as a military officer. The days of Nar Shaddaa, and Voktunma, were finally behind her.

Not long after her graduation from the Academy, Liviana was approached to join the New Republic Justice Department by the Associate Minister of Justice Katie Tonks. Liviana eventually joined after some thought, applying her dedication to legal matters as well. It was her sense of justice and admiration for the New Republic's values that resulted in the young woman becoming a Republic Counselor - a representative for the citizens of the New Republic against those that might do them harm. Liviana left the department, expressing her conflicted feelings after the Associate Minister of Justice was found to be in league with criminals.

As the values of peace, freedom and democracy became her own, Liviana took it upon herself to join the Academy staff. Her only goal was to help guide those that had been in the same situations she had once been in. She remained ever vigilant in this role, and often found herself to be a mentor to many that join the New Republic. She was eventually promoted to Professor of Military Studies, and helped run in the Academy's day-to-day functions as needed. Eventually, she was offered the position of Headmistress by Minister Roon and the current Headmaster, Gothar Elensar. Once she accepted the position, it began a new chapter in the New Republic Academy. Under her leadership, the Academy flourished with new teachers and recruiters, bringing the best experience possible to the cadets joining the New Republic.

Military Service

After graduating with exceptional marks from the New Republic Academy, Liviana joined the Starfighter Command and given the rank of Pilot Officer. Once deployed to fight in the Second Galactic Civil War, she proved herself a capable and skilled pilot and cunning warrior, quickly earning a number of awards. She was given the call-sign "Vida Loca" by fellow pilots, after her antics in an Asteroid Field. Not long after her first assignment, she was promoted to the rank of Flight Officer. Her skill even earned her a place in the RNN headlines back on Republica, much to Liviana's dismay. Within a matter of months, she earned the respect of her peers as an ace pilot - a true force to be reckoned with. In Year 19, Liviana was unexpectedly promoted to Squadron Leader, becoming a senior officer. Despite remaining humble, Liviana rose through the ranks and was promoted to Wing Commander.

Shortly after, she was approached by the Chief of Starfight Command, High Marshal Mami Ogawa. The High Marshal recognized Liviana's hard work and dedication, and appointed Liviana as her Deputy Chief of Starfighter Command. Along with her new position, Liviana was promoted to the rank of Flight Commodore.

The remainder of her file is classified.

Personal Information


Liviana Iota, early in Y19

Liviana is a native Corellian, standing at 1.68 meters, sporting an athletic build. In the past, she kept her dark brown hair out of the way, preferring practicality over any accepted style or fashion. She is known for her piercing green eyes, and healthy tan complexion despite a lifetime in space. A lifetime of conflict led to a rather utilitarian wardrobe, and she is often seen in her orange flight suit or relatively simple clothing. Despite this, Liviana is still renowned for her natural beauty.

After a time in the New Republic, Liviana dyed her hair blonde to mark a new chapter in her life. When not in the cockpit, she has let her hair flow naturally rather than keeping it upright.

Personal Life

"I'm SFC, crazy is in the job description."
— Liviana Iota

Deep down, Liviana is an extremely passionate woman, often taking matters into her own hands and preferring to lead by example whenever possible. Off-duty, she is known to her friends as "Liv" or "Livi". Even while on-duty, she is not found of formalities, preferring to be addressed by name rather than her rank. Her life is usually punctuated by an almost childlike enthusiasm, sarcasm, and fondness for practical pranks or light teasing. Liviana is known for her fondness of celebratory alcohol, especially Corellian whiskey. Regardless, Liviana takes her career very seriously, compulsively working to serve as effectively as possible. Since joining the New Republic, she has taken the ideals of freedom and democracy to heart, believing deeply in their cause and ideals.

During combat, her personality boils away to reveal a cold, calculated and pragmatic warrior.

It is rare for her to reference the events of her life before the Republic, preferring to put those events firmly behind her. While warm and welcoming, she draws clear lines between her personal and professional life.

For a time, Liviana had a romantic relationship with the New Republic's Associate Minister of Justice Katie Tonks. The pair were very close, until the day that Katie's true intentions as a criminal were laid bare and she was forced to flee known space. Liviana was devastated and heartbroken, focusing heavily on her work to find a semblance of peace in her life again. During this time, she was known to spend hours and hours pouring over plans, documents, anything to keep her mind busy. Some of her lighthearted spirit had burned away, leaving her more serious than she had been in the months prior.

Career History

Current Positions

  • SFC Flight Commodore
  • Deputy Chief of Starfighter Command
  • New Republic Academy Headmistress

Former Positions

  • Assistant Republic Counselor, NRJD

Citations and Awards

Liviana Iota, in her standard duty attire

Military Awards

  • Training Ribbon
  • SFC Ribbon
  • Service Ribbon
  • Master Pilot Skill Badge
  • Expert Gunner Skill Badge
  • Leadership Training Ribbon
  • Operational Service Ribbon
  • SFC Exercise Award
  • Military Officer of the Month
  • Exceptional Service Award
  • Republic Readiness Award
  • Military Mentor Award
  • Future Leader Commendation

Military ribbons

Civilian Awards

  • New Republican of the Month
  • Instructor Dedication Award
  • Studious Endeavours Award
  • Letter of the Law Award