Lorhan Urra

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Lorhan Urra is a clone of Shor Urra a Force-sensitive Duros and decorated soldier and business executive from the Avance Coalition

Creation and Early Life

Lorhan is a product of a cloning program started by Con Semper in the days of the Avance Coaliton. The purpose was to clone the best pilots, soldiers, and executives in an effort to strengthen the governments defenses and bolster the economy during the Galactic Recession. Lorhan was the second clone of Shor, the first having been terminated when the entire first batch of clones succumbed to clone madness. After establishing that Lorhan was stable, he was commissioned to lead an infantry group in the Coalition's armed forces. Following the heinous murder of biologists on Bhuna Sound IV, Lorhan's division was deployed to the system to aide Golan Technologies in combating the rise of poachers in their wilderness preserves. It was there he met Paul Luz and Cally McKnight. After witnessing his abilities, Luz negotiated his contract so Urra could serve with the newly-formed Counter Poaching Division in Golan Tech. There he continued to serve with distinction, and during the transition between the Avance Coalition and the Trade Federation he was part of the force that accompanied Paul Luz to put down local insurgencies during the Siege of Kalee.


Lorhan remained with Luz through the merge, where Luz transferred from Golan Technologies to the Trade Federation. Instead of accepting a contract with the Federation Security Force, Lorhan served as an officer in Luz's personal fleet, managing a small security force that protected his Outer Rim real estate investments. When word was received that Cally McKnight had been apprehended on Duro, Lorhan joined Luz and many others on a rescue attempt in opposition to the wishes of the Duros Liberation Front. During the operation he was caught up in the culture and patriotism of his fellow Duros, and following the operation he parted company with Luz in order to follow McKnight in her exile from the DLF. He was the first sentient recruited when McKnight formed The Viridux.