Malicar II

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Malicar II
System Malicar
Sector Mieru'kar
Galactic Coordinates (94, 402)
System Coordinates (14, 14)
Astrographic Entry Malicar II
Type Gas Giant
Primary Terrain: Gas Giant
Rotational Period
Orbital Period
Population 75,094,515,748
Controlled By Black Sun
Magistrate Vigo Thrall Lothbrok

While providing a stunning view, the planet of Malicar II proved to be useless for early explorers; the atmosphere is composed of highly toxic gases, which so far have no feasible use. Despite the obvious dangers, the system government, seeking to establish a large scale population center for the systems economic growth, shielded the planet and convinced the majority of the system’s current population to settle there. The planet now stands as a grand planetwide city that houses billions of sentients, the original toxic gases trapped deep beneath the floating cities.

The settlements and transportation network that connects the habitation centers of Malicar II to the industrial shipyards of the system have contributed negatively to the debris orbiting the planet. Despite widespread cleanup efforts by local authorities, travel advisories recommend the use of deflector shields when passing through the upper atmosphere; travel near the rings is not advised.