Malicar VI

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Malicar VI
System Malicar
Sector Mieru'kar
Galactic Coordinates (94, 402)
System Coordinates (3, 18)
Astrographic Entry Malicar VI
Type Cold/breathable
Primary Terrain: Glacier, Forest
Rotational Period
Orbital Period
Population 2,973,763,962
Controlled By Black Sun
Magistrate Vigo Thrall Lothbrok

Eclipses occur every few days in the Malicar VI sky as its view of the Malicar sun is obscured by rival Malicar V. This celestial phenomenon is often seen as a metaphor for the relationship between the planets. While Malicar VI and Malicar V began as sister colonies, they adopted rival monotheistic religions and relations quickly degraded to warfare. Malicar VI dominated the battle in space and managed to keep it from reaching the surface for a hundred years before a final decisive strike eliminated the colony on Malicar V.

Shortly after the system came under the umbrella of Black Sun, forces from the planet and the system governments engaged in a bloody space battle in orbit of the planet. The command ship of the Malicar VI defense force was destroyed, the resulting impact of the vessel against the surface of the planet caused widespread damage of the Malicar VI colony.

In recent years, development of Malicar VI has been accelerated to ease tensions between locals and Black Sun, with mining operations and industrialisation providing work for locals, as well as the development of a vast amount of planetary infrastructure. As such, Malicar VI is one of the more well developed planets in the Malicar system.