MedTech Industries

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MedTech Industries
Medtech Logo 70x70.jpg
General Information
Status Active
Leader Toran Slisik
2IC Vin Terrix
Historical Information
Founded Year 8 Day 67
Political Information
Affiliation Confederacy of Independent Systems
Industry Medical Service
Holosite MedTech Industries


Xarnin Medical Technologies first started as a small consortium of physicians on a distant and rather unknown planet deep within the Outer Rim territories. At first these physicians would get together informally to dicuss the different techniques and treatments that they had learned over the years through their individual practices.

On one such occasion, a particular doctor came into some major credits because of an inheritance from a long lost relative who supposedly lived within the bustling Glythe sector. With his new found wealth, Dr Morwan decided that it was time to start an organization that would help not onyl his patients, but those of his colleagues as well. Each of Dr. Morwan's friends brought their individual knowledge and experience to light in the beginning months of Xarnin Medical Technologies. All went well for the organization, thankfully for them they did not have to worry about being brought into the clone wars due to their very remote system.

As time went on, and through some rather ingenious investments, Dr. Morwan's and thus Xarnin's financial status continued to prosper. This brought on new development for Xarnin, and the medical research department was born.

When the Galactic Empire was born, Dr Morwan and his colleagues decided that it was time to get involved. There was many a decade where Xarnin Medical Technologies stayed out of the way, trading and researching and healing only those that were very close by. When word of the Galactic Civil war came to the attention of Xarnin, the board of directors felt that they were wasting their time hiding out in the middle of no where, they needed to relocate to a more populous area of the Galaxy so that they could do the most good.

Looking for a new home wasn't as easy as anyone had expected. Time was running out for the great founder of Xarnin Medical Technologies so he decided that it was time to bring someone else in to be his successor. Word spread fast throughout the sector that a new leader was being looked for and as fate would have it Horley Cyan just so happened to be in the area when the news spread to the town he was dropping cargo at.

Horley made his way to the headquarters of Xarnin Medical Technologies and met with Dr. Morwan and his colleagues for quite some time over several days. By the end of that month, Horley Cyan was appointed Dr. Morwan's successor with the full support of the board of Directors. Weeks later, sad news fell upon Xarnin with the passing of Dr. Morwan.

Horley took it upon himself to continue the great doctor's search and succeeded when he found a home in the Centrality Sector, a sector rich in resources and as neutral as Xarnin wished to remain in the Galactic Civil war, with this new base of operations, Horley Cyan decided that it was best to rename Zarnin Medical Technologies to MedTech Industries to best suit it's new explosion into the galactic market.

As War continued to spread throughout the different sectors, Horley Cyan felt it was time to seek out a solid alliance in order to keep it's research and work safe, being that the Glythe Sector and thus the Trade Federation were so close by, when approached, the Trade Federation were more than happy enough to bring MedTech Industries into the Confederacy of Independent Systems, a consortium of organizations all looking to support each other and help each other prosper/grow.

Horley Cyan had a tonne of new work ahead of him and set himself to the task of not only relocating the headquarters of MedTech Industries, but increasing their reputation with the greater population of the galaxy by being more a part of it.