Merchant Space Dock

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Merchant Space Dock
Cargo Stats:
Weight550,000 T
Volume25,340 m³
Weight Cap471,500 T
Volume Cap19,450 m³
Max Passengers550
Hull Stats:
Length275 m
Deflector Shields3,500
Ionic Capacity2,100

The exact origins of the current form for the merchant space dock are unknown, with no concrete evidence as to who designed or even built the first of its kind. Nevertheless, with its hexagonal shape, metal support beams, multiple docking bays, and living quarters, it can accommodate multiple ships and pilots at once. It has a large storage capacity and a class twelve sensor array. Some consider the design to be primitive compared to other space stations in the galaxy, but it still sees use in various systems by those seeking simplicity.


Functioning primarily as a headquarters for organizations with numerous employees or those without access to land, the merchant space dock is an easily accessible location that can serve a variety of roles. Whether it is to convene a high-level command meeting, wait for transport, or to receive your next work orders, this station can adapt to and serve essential organizational needs.


Because the merchant space dock is such a small, versatile, and affordable station, it can be seen orbiting independent planets or even used in deep space systems. While most organizations still use a land-based structure, there is no denying the effectiveness and convenience this station provides.