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Midas Logo 100.png
General Information
Status Defunct
Leader Randall Blackheart
Motto "The galaxy's epicurean elite"
Headquarters HMS Purchased Sanctity
Historical Information
Founded Year 18 Day 180
Dissolved Year 19 Day 202
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Type Religion

Midas was an independent mercenary group operating in the Inner Rim. Established officially on Year 18 Day 180 by Dain Vel Iblis, the group was created by a collective of like-minded soldiers of fortune. Operations were focused mostly on security stints and military hardware installations, although later during Year 19, they pivoted towards diversifying their services to extend into the civilian sector. The full history of Midas, however, dates back thousands of years, which was originally founded as a chivalric order of ostracized knights who fought for wealth and fortune.

Leadership was organizationally structured as a corporation, with senior management being comprised by a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and a Board of Executives. For rank-and-file members as well as assets, however, Midas organized them with a unique color-coded system. The leadership and structure of Midas changed upon Randall Blackheart's seizure of power, although little is known about the details.


Lore of Midas

Not much is known about the true extent, scope, and depth of Midas, but experts were able to piece together a few facets through various recovered texts, archives, and relics. The oldest relic was carbon-dated back tens of thousands of years while the most recent dated back only a few hundred years: the beliefs and existence of Midas has persisted, somehow, through the years. While some claim that Midas was originally a xeno religion and others claim that Midas was a human cult, the beliefs and values are seemingly universal.

The core value of Midas is simple: the pursuit of wealth at all costs. While this value has been interpreted in various fashions--indicative of the diversity and breadth of the various iterations of Midas--, the most recent iteration of Midas accepted the core value as an all-encompassing one: all would be accepted within the ranks of Midas regardless of their identities, as long as they held their belief that the pursuit of wealth was the most important one.

Lost Faith

There was controversy upon the creation of an official Midas organization within the galaxy due to the fact that it accepted anyone regardless of their identity. This produced a large backlash within the galactic community as people questioned whether criminals would be allowed within the organization and if so, whether the organization could be trusted. While leadership of Midas affirmed that criminals would be treated to the full extent of galactic law, the reputation and favorability of Midas fell significantly, leading to a prolonged period of stagnation.

During this time, despite offering free services to all, few followers joined the ranks of Midas and no one contacted Midas for handling their religious services. Disgruntled by the lack of galactic reception, the core members of Midas sought out the stars for a new land and a new colony to spread their religion to the masses. These efforts went on for months, with little fruition, leading to the splintering of membership within Midas. One group remained downtrodden, but optimistic and accepted that despite the lack of initial results, that one day their endeavors would succeed. Another, however, decided that the lack of success was the direct fault of Dain Vel Iblis and that a change of leadership was necessary.

This led to the capture of all members of Midas who refused the seizure of power by Randall Blackheart and his loyalists. Randall proceeded to broker the freedom and lives of these members in exchange for the full ownership of Midas and its entities, including personal investments by the CEO Dain Vel Iblis and private investments by outside partners. In the end, Dain Vel Iblis was forced to personally repay these private investments and suffer the loss of more than a billion in credits and assets, lose complete ownership and management rights within Midas, and be expelled from Midas along with his members.

Little is known what happened after this event, but Midas came back to galactic attention due to their involvement in Hosnian conflict as a third party.


Board of Executives

Before Randall Blackheat's seizure of power, the Board of Executives was the main organizational structure of Midas. The Board of Executives was headed by Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dain Vel Iblis, who was also the chief establisher and founder of the group. He held the chief stake in the group, receiving 40% of all earnings and having unrestricted access to all financials, assets, and operations.

The rest of the Board of Executives was currently comprised of one publicly announced Chief Officer (CxOs): the Chief Operating Officer (COO) Randall Blackheart. They were major stakeholders in the group, receiving 10% of all earnings and having majority access to the assets and operations. While other Chief Officers existed, such as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Chief Technology Officer (CTO), their identities were hidden as they hold vital corporate information as well as valuable assets.

Underneath the Chief Officers, there existed Associates who have a minor stake in the group, receiving 2% of all earnings and having limited access to assets and operations. These were retired personnel from Midas who assisted with decisions and receive retirement benefits from their service.

The Board of Executives had a few outsider Partners who have a partial stake in the group of varying size, receiving earnings proportional to the number of stocks. While these members of the Board of Executives were exposed to limited amounts of information about operations, they received hearty kickbacks from their investments into the group.

After Randall Blackheart's seizure of power sometime during Year 19, all stocks were dissolved and declared unacceptable as legal tender. Ownership and control of the company was consolidated under Randall Blackheart. All investment and stock benefits, kickbacks, and interest were revoked. The organizational structure continues to remain unknown, although speculation from prior Midas members indicate the formation of a military junta.

Color-designated Ranks

During the organizational structure of the Board of Executives, a color-designation system was used during Midas's operations. Grey was the lowest color designation, being fresh recruits and publicly-available civilian goods. White was for fully trained, but inexperienced soldiers and publicly-available military hardware. Silver was the first color-code of significant status, bearing the mark of full membership of Midas as well as assets of importance to the group. Gold was the penultimate color-code of Midas and is reserved for seasoned and trusted officers as well as core, essential devices and resources. Finally, there was a last, unknown color-code that is reserved for undercover agents and senior management within the group.

Key Assets

Headquarters Ship

The HMS Purchased Sanctity was the first warship and flagship of Midas. While the ship was never seen in public eye after the seizure of power by Randall Blackheart, there are rumors that it is being held onto by one of Randall's trusted loyalists.

Combat Armor


The B.A.T.'s full name was never revealed to the public as its production ultimately never saw fruition. Designed to be a multi-classed armor system with modular design, the B.A.T. was supposed to be the main equipment of Midas's security personnel and forces. While the B.A.T. full combat system was never fully produced, portions of the armor were in fact created although they remain untouched and gathering dust in an unknown factory's warehouses.


'MERC'-series A295

The 'MERC'-series A295 was another one of Midas's incomplete products, designed to be the main armament of Midas's security personnel and forces. While a few prototypes float around in private hands, the weapon was ultimately cursed to oblivion with the dissolution and downfall of the organization.