Mordamen Bast

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Mordamen Bast
Biographical Information
Race Kiffar
Homeworld Kiffex
Mother Kytana Sarka
Father Mythus Bast
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Born Y14 D22
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.7 meters
Coloring Tan
Eye Color Black
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Empire
Positions Stormtrooper

Early Life


The Kiffar reside on the planet Kiffex and most of them live organized in clans. Characteristically, the Kiffar living in clans have their faces tattooed to show their belonging to this clan. The clans are very often keeper of an artifact, an ancient building or other culturally important place or object. Those Kiffar that do not belong to an organized clan are referred to with the term "austerder". This also extends to other sentients outside the species and is considered for the most part derogatory. Kiffar austerders are treated with discrimination by their clanned brethren due to the circumstances usually associated with clanless Kiffar. Those that no longer have membership within a clan, or were not born into one (ie; born or adopted off world by non Kiffar, are descendants of a mixed relationship, or other circumstances), are considered second class to clanned members of the species. The hierarchy between clans is also very strict, with a distinction between major, minor, and ouvrir clans, as well as the distinction between Northern and Southern clans.

Less than 30 years ago, the already politically unstable, and for the most part primitive clans of Kiffex were brought into direct conflict in part from the urging of the intervening powers of the Black Sun, the criminal organisation occupying the planet and providing arms to both sides. The seething tribal conflicts however needed only a subtle urging, as they had been simmering for centuries since the semi-mythical 'Sundering of Clans'. The fighting took place for the most part between the more affluent and developing South and the traditional and isolationist Northern Clans. In the process the more central clans were either wiped out or forced to pick sides. This constant fighting eventually resulted in a waste-zone along the front, later to be called the De-militarised Zone, once a tentative peace was reached due to troop exhaustion, ill supplied troops and the withdrawal of Black Sun support for either side. The previously all-consuming civil war fizzled out rather unceremoniously. Since the end of the Civil war that split the planet's habitable territories in half between the two factions, the political climate on Kiffex has stabilized to an extent. Guided by leaders from both the north and south with an amicable professional relationship, the clans of Kiffex are no longer in a state of hostility. Instead they have put their focuses to modernization, planetary and inter-system trade, and on the subject of the planetary occupation by Black Sun.

Mordamen was born on the planet Kiffex in the year -8 to Kytana of the Sarka clan and Mythus Bast a Mandalorian Commando in service to the Imperial Army, the descendant of General Moradmin Bast who had fallen in the attack on the Death Star. With a family history of service to the Empire Mordamen was destined for service in the Armed Forces.

As Mordamen grew up he was trained by his father in the rudiments of Stealth, Combat - both armed and unarmed, Tactics and Strategy. He soon grew up to be a bright and inquisitive boy who enjoyed the outdoors and physical exercise. When he reached the age of 10 Mordamen was sent to the Clan School's to further his education at the insistence of his mother. There he started to learn the rudimentary history and customs of the Kiffar.

But it was not to be, war soon broke out as the Clans fought among themselves in a bloody civil war that claimed thousands and sundered the whole of the planet. Divided and torn asunder the Kiffar did not know that the criminal organization Black Sun had masterminded the whole affair by selling information and arms to all sides in an effort to gain control of the planet. With destruction and devastation all around his parents sent him offworld to the Syndaar Military Prep School in the hopes of giving him a better life.

Syndaar Military Prep school

Mordamen learning to use heavy weapons at the Syndaar Military Prep school.

Mordamen soon lost touch with his Kiffar heritage and embraced the Military Schools teaching wholeheartedly. There he perfected his skills as a warrior, tactician and strategist. It was also where he found his calling as a Combat Engineer and where he learnt the uses of Mines and Explosives. He was among the top of his class in Martial Arts and it was there that he started practicing Teräs Käsi as well as retaining the Mandalorian Martial Arts taught to him by his father. He also excelled in Weapons use and after 3 years he graduated with honors in the top 5% of his class.

Early Service

After leaving the School Mordamen enlisted in the Imperial Army and eventually joined the Commando Unit: Imperial Commando Special Unit, the remnant of all the clone commando's that still survived from the Clone Wars - where he joined Training Squad Alpha. There he started basic training in the hope of becoming a Stromtrooper one day and joining the galaxy's elite unit of soldiers. The Commando Special Unit training was a relentless and grueling 6 months of constant movement, engagements, war games and classes in Tactics and Strategy, they operated with the same efficiency and pragmatism as their own training on Kamino. It was the hardest 6 months of Mordamen's life.

All was going well until one day a routine training mission went horribly wrong. On the planet Bovo Yagen, Alpha Squad was ambushed by Rebel forces masquerading as training instructors. At the start they thought that it was just a routine run, but when their Training Officer was killed in front of their eyes by covert sniper fire they realized that this was no ordinary test. Beset on all sides, in a situation that seemed hopeless Mordamen strove to pick up the shattered remains of his squad and bring them to the rendezvous point. But alas it was hopeless, in a series of running engagements and skirmishes Alpha Squad was slowly torn apart and decimated. Mordamen was the only survivor.

Wracked with doubt, guilt shame and remorse Mordamen quit the corps and left to wander the galaxy.

Life as an Outlaw

Mordamen wandered the galaxy, torn and alone. Seeking to obliterate his memories, he become a drunk and a lowlife - the scum of the scum. Working as a Smuggler and Bounty-Hunter, Mordamen made a name for himself working for various cartels and pirate groups. Using the education he received he became one of the most feared and well known figures in the Underworld community in his small Sector of the Galaxy, but still the memories wouldn't leave.

Mordamen working as a Bounty Hunter.

In a wild attempt to end the dark memories forever, Mordamen went on a wild rampage one night. Attempting to collect a Bounty on a small-fry thug, Mordamen burst into the Cantina that the thug was known to frequent with his gang and opened up. In the bloodbath that ensued Mordamen was wounded badly after destroying the whole Tavern with some explosive's. Lying on the floor with a torn body, his life leaking away Mordamen felt strong hands lift him and carry him out before he lost consciousness.

Mordamen woke up lying in a hospital bed, feeling weak, woozy and puzzled. He was surprised to see that he was cuffed to the bed and after calling out in alarm he felt more then saw someone enter the room and inject some liquid into his I.V drip. Mordamen blacked out and promptly fell into the sweet darkness that was unconsciousness

He looked around and was shocked to find that he was floating in a bacta tank connected to a myriad of devices and he hurt all over. When he looked around he noticed rows upon rows of tanks filled with Bacta and other liquids and unconscious figures floating in them. He started to thrash about in alarm and mounting terror as he noticed a crisscrossing of scars on most of his torso head and arms, that hadn't been there before. his eyes widened in terror as he realized that he had been experimented on!

With that realization he let out a scream and thrashed even harder, only to be driven unconscious by a robotic arm that injected something into his body and he slumped into blissful darkness. The next thing he knew he was being dragged roughly by someone and heaved onto a Grav Sled. He slowly faded in and out of consciousness until he woke up in a med center on Coruscant. Looking around Mordamen was shocked to see his former Mentor in the Syndaar Military Prep School. After getting over his shock, and talking throughout the night with his mentor, Mordamen decided that the way to erase his guilt and break the cycle of death and dishonor was to find a way to change everything. After much deliberation Mordamen decided that he would enlist in the Imperial Army and hope to become a Stormtrooper, in honor of his fallen comrades.

Galactic Empire

Imperial Academy

Mordamen quickly took the next transportation to Coruscant, and made his way to the first Imperial Recruiting Center he could find. After being tested mentally and physically Mordamen was found fit for duty and a Class A race and so fit for the Stormtrooper Corps.

On Y14 D22 Mordamen officially enrolled in the Imperial Academy and set his eyes on joining the Imperial Army, and its elite Corps - the Stormtroopers. After an intensive period of studying Mordamen graduated the Academy with a score of 94.4%. Just missing out Honors by a slim margin.


Basic Training

Once graduating from the Academy, Mordamen was sent to Carida to begin his training as a Stormtrooper in the Imperial Army. There he was taught the basics of Imperial Battle Doctrine, Imperial Weapon's training and most important - Stormtrooper discipline. After a grueling half a year of basic firearms, martial arts, tactics and strategy Mordamen finished basic training, where he showed dedication and great proficiency in firearms and martial-arts.

Mordamen trains with the Storm Commandos.

Advanced Training

After finishing the basic training, Mordamen moved on to the Imperial Advanced Regime where everyone was evaluated and tested, and then chosen for a single specialization - be it Recon, Infantry or Armor. Mordamen was trained as a Reconnaissance trooper and Military Engineer as a side role, where he excelled in minefields and defensive fortifications as well as standard tactical insertion and recon.

Mordamen destroys a house during training.
Mordamen checking out new territory with his MacroBinoculars.

Mordamen's Picture Album

Recon Training
In battle

Mordamen using the Imperial E-Web Blaster Canon