Munto Codru

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Munto Codru
System Codru (System)
Sector Pakuuni
Galactic Coordinates (423, 266)
System Coordinates (6, 12)
Rotational Period 26 standard hours
Orbital Period 368 local days
Astrographic Entry Munto Codru
Type Temperate/Breathable
Primary Terrain: Forest, Mountain
Controlled By Black Bha`lir
Shielded Unknown
Governor Christian Hall
Magistrate Rhan Komo
Population 11,900,475
Sentient Races Codru- Ji


Munto Codru is a remote watery world located in the Outer Rim sector of Pakuuni. Home to the Codru system's sole sentient species, a four-armed and highly xenophobic race, Munto Codru is remarkable for the odd dichotomy between the young and mature Codru-Ji natives.

All of the planet's landmass is centered in one large landmass. The supercontinent is mostly composed of towering mountains and deciduous forests, filled with gigantic trees.

The beautiful scenery and mild climate are slightly deceptive as the planet has many dangers. The xenophobic locals have many cultural features that can easily appear to be barbaric to outsiders. Those who do not understand the parental relationship between the adult Codru-Ji and the Wyrwulves can very quickly make enemies.

Consistent temperatures are common year round, with little seasonal variation. However, at times even the weather can turn deadly. Lightning storms are sporadic and pass quickly, but leave horrible firestorms that rage for weeks afterwards. While the coastal regions of the continent are plagued by large tsunamis. Due to this activity the locals recommend being very careful about when one leaves the mountainous areas.

Deep in the mountains, beyond where the Codru-Ji make their homes, strangely designed stone castles can be found. The Codru-Ji claim that the constructs were not built by them but instead by an unknown extinct civilization. The strange buildings appear to be constructed of transparent rock and are decorated with mysterious symbols and arcane petroglyphs. Possibly due to the superstitious avoidance the locals have for these buildings, no attempts at translating the glyphs have been made.

Before the arrival of Black Bha`lir, the Codru-Ji could not afford to export many of their goods. The sluggish economy, when added to the extreme xenophobia showed by the inhabitants and the planet's remote location, resulted in Munto Codru remaining largely ignored by the galaxy.

However as of 14 CGT, the local race has decided it would be in their best interests to work with outsiders who want to help develop their planet rather than wait until someone more violent comes along.

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